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The popular creed on the lips of any unemployed person is that the government has refused to provide jobs for them. As much as that is the government’s responsibility, today’s world isn’t dependent on the government. The only way I feel it is dependent on the government, is for the government to legalize any business firm or corporation. The days of summer are gone, when the government had waiting jobs for every school leaver. Today, it is not about WHAT THE GOVERNMENT CAN DO FOR YOU, but WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THE GOVERNMENT.

Today’s world has given many opportunities to people; from the internet, social media, new technologies and varying trends. Individuals are now taking the initiative to create jobs for themselves and for others too. The government has a lot on its hands, as well as responsibilities for you the citizen. What you just have to do is to seek ways to make life comfortable for yourself.

If you’re waiting for the government to be your financial rescuer then you’re definitely going to wait till fishes fly. Check up something you can do. Develop new techniques/methods that will better your life and fetch money for you. I always say that it is not always about the money. You can do something that you find joy in. Something that gives you satisfaction. Something that can give you a comfortable meal, shelter, clothing and solve multiple other needs.

I just want to get this straight; your employment ain’t dependent on the government because there are stuffs you’ve got or maybe possess or should possess . There are:

YOU: Define yourself. Know what you want. Get a job that lets you impact on others. Don’t be a passive individual or some person among the crowd. Stand out. No one else but YOU really understands WHAT YOU need. You are the rescuer of yourself. Be the person who rocks your both.

SKILL: Damn! Get a skill. Get that skill whether it is technology or craft. I say find something you know you can do. Develop it. Learn it. Master it. In today’s world if you don’t have a skill, you are lost. Even if you are employed by someone else, SKILLS set you apart.

PASSION: That drive to do it. It is that jerking fuel that spurs you to do it. I mean start it and finish it.

PEOPLE: You unavoidably cannot do without people. People make your world rock. People are the ones you will deal with in your business and daily activity. Create meaningful relationships. Have a network. You will definitely need someone to push or promote your brand. You will definitely need someone to patronize that product or service. You will definitely need partners-people to work it. You need people if you ever want to live. No man is an island.

So you see that you are not entirely dependent on the government for survival. Your survival depends on you. Try to shake off that ‘government government’ whining nation in your way of making ends meet. The government only has to pave the economy to be right for you and your survival. You hold the government a responsibility to be a citizen of high repute and a citizen they too should look up to. So get these four stuffs on your mind and work on it. BE YOU! The power lies within you.






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