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It is okay to chase the grades but don’t be too busy trying to earn a living that you forget to get a life. The grades are good, no doubts but will you rather chase the papers and forget all it takes to make the paper. In Nigeria today we find so many graduates getting their butts soiled to get ‘A’s they can’t defend. We get to see engineering students parading themselves as would- be engineers and they can’t even wire a bulb needless to say, fix an electrical appliance. It is saddening that the chase for CERTIFICATES has  made many students find the need to chase SABIFICATES useless.

Every year in Nigeria, Universities churn out loads of graduates into the waiting labour market. We are no longer in the age where a job waits for you on graduation. We are in the age of get your hands dirty and do something. We are in the age of ENTREPRENEURSHIP where you are your own employer. Having a degree is great but having it without nothing to show for it, is as good as not having it. It is advisable that while in school, get yourself acquainted with some skill because it will save you a lot of trouble after school.

Getting a skill while in school will go a long way by;

MAKING YOU INDEPENDENT: You wouldn’t need to bother anyone for little financial needs, that leaves you waiting at their mercy or till when your request is being processed by them. Being independent gives you the comfort you will ever need. You can now clothe, feed and manage yourself at will. You will be the landlord of your finances.

RESPECT: Yes respect! Everyone needs respect. When you’re your own boss, you get a bigger respect from your peers and parents. Everybody treats you like some big thing because you’re the master of your finances. There is a change because people now run to you for financial help.

NO JOB HUNTING AFTER GRADUATION: Every graduate’s greatest nightmare is to be a desperate job hunter after school. But the story for you is different because you’ve already acquired a skill and it is left for you to decide on what to do with it; would you rather be a one man business or enlarge it to employ other people. The fact here is that you’ve gotten your own job but it is just for you to develop that skill and make something great out of it.

MAKING MONEY: Bada bang bang! I hit that right. Money answers all things but not all things. That is unavoidably the main reason why you learn a skill. You want me to spill it out, oh yea I will-you learn a skill so that you can make money out of it. Making money out of it involves getting clients who will pay for your goods or services. When you make money you always smile yourself to the bank.

So get busy. Get something doing. Learn something today that will fulfill a need. It could be craft, ICT, technology, etc. it could be anything, I mean anything. But let me just sound it right, as far as making money is concerned, do something that is legal. I mean something that won’t land you in jail. Make sure it is legal work you’re doing, something legally acceptable. Like pie! After learning a skill and making money out of it, you’re good to go.


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