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You may be worried about not becoming an entrepreneur, I will say that it is because of some various thought in your mind. Perhaps most people believe that becoming an entrepreneur will make them lose, in terms of having the same product or services with another person in the market. With these, it is always frustrating to see media sources hone in on those people who can’t become entrepreneurs.

Another thing that keeps discouraging people from becoming entrepreneurs is that people see unrealistic picture of entrepreneurship as something that anyone can’t do so easily. They see it as a big winning which requires much capital, not knowing that the resources and effort that makes a business venture successful is the key and determination.

Here are some of the reasons why many people can’t be entrepreneurs

  1. You’ll Fail Many Time and Be Discourage: Business fail for plenty of different reasons. You might have a perfect idea on business, but the wrong timing, the wrong resources or the wrong promotional strategy which is on your mind will not allow you execute it. You might also notice a growing trend, but be too late to capitalize on it before competitors enter the market, so with this, you may not wish to be an entrepreneur. Because there is this saying that says,” if you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen”.
  2. Because You Think You Need to Know Enough People: Today’s business world is not predicated on relationships. If you want to consider the number of people you know,it might not work. Take time to grow your network, you’ll find the important connections that occur naturally-often seeming to put you in the right place at the right time to meet a new customer, new mentor or employee. But if you don’t consider these, you may be discouraged when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur.
  3. What if I fail ? Not trying is  equivalent to failing without even taking the first step. And besides, you wouldn’t be alone. The start varies depending on the source, but more than three quarter of business fail within five years. If you want to consider that, you won’t be an entrepreneur because for every three that fail, one succeeds and you’re odds and actually pretty good. If you’re really worried about failing, create a backup plan before you start. For instance, if you don’t get your business into the track within three years, you’ll not be going getting a “real job”.
  4. Many Will Say Their Current Jobs Are Safe: If this is your mentality, entrepreneurship isn’t for you. Entrepreneurship is a daily roller coaster. You will feel accomplished, defeated, uncertain, hesitant, sick, invincible, ferocious and regretful all in one day.
  5. Many May Say They Don’t Have The Time: As we are firm believers in a healthy work-life balance, this is a valid rationale. But one thing’s is for certain ,that being your own boss offers you the ability to gain more control over your work-life balance. But the point is this; time for work and time for life are yours to allocate when you’re an entrepreneur. The key to making it all work is discipline in both respects. Discipline works when work has to be done.
  6. What If There Is Another Person Else Doing This…. of course there is another person doing what you have in mind, that’s why you’re going to do it better. Competing with other people will help you focus, study your potential competitors and discover shortcomings on their business, because those are your advantages you have in them.

Conclusion, if you’re on the fence about whether or not to be an entrepreneur,  is a good option for you to choose rightly, hopefully the following reason will clear up some of the misconceptions people have on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

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