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Where Can I Sell My Onions?

I made this kind of mistake while serving in Jos and am still unable to recover from the loss up till now. I heard about how profitable it could be transporting Tomatoes from Jos to south west… So my other two friends and I jumped on it without getting enough arrangement at Abeokuta where we wanted to start our sales.

From my own experience, i will tell you its a lucrative business and can make you smile to the bank if you do it right. Doing it right is establishing a buyer or someone that can help you sell down here.

Make sure the person that will be selling it here is strong and even maybe have part in the finance.

It will not work out if you don’t have a strong seller here. If you think you can just bring it, then you find a buyer here, you will be dissapointed. But if you already have a buyer or maybe a family member or a friend who can help you market it here. Then you are good to go.

Please do your findings before you enter this.

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