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According to Bill Gates “content is king” is originally from a Microsoft founder, he describes the future of the internet as a market place for content. The phrase “content is king “is quite new but because of the increased focus on content marketing strategies, it is very often used. He said that the success of website depends on quality content. That websites should offer content that meets the demands of users, and it should be optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing.

In this article I will duel in 6 main reasons why content is king in the internet.

  1. Instant Communication to Everyone in the Internet: the internet has changed business models and leveled the playing field for all businesses since in 90s, allowing small companies to look and act like bigger businesses, and large companies to become more intimate with their customers as only smaller businesses had been capable of doing. It has created new economies of scale, for example, in sharing or collaborative economy and near- instant communication around the world.
  1. Encourages Engagement: good content whether it is inform of blog post or social media updates, encourages user to engage with the brand, whether they realize it or not. If the content is genuinely good, users will pause to consume the content.
  2. Brand Signature: content creates brand awareness and authority in a saturated market, which then has the potential to generate new leads and increase sales as more consumers become exposed to the brand. Content is generally less “sales” than advertorial, so it gives consumers an opportunity to authentically engage with the brand without a blatant sales message disturbing the engagement.
  3. Increases Traffic: not only good-quality, original content great for SEO purposes, it’s also a brilliant way to drive traffic to a website and keep consumers on the site for longer period of time. For instance, a website with just a homepage and contact page will receive much higher bounce rates, where as a website with an onsite blog packed full of engaging content leaves an impression on the user and encourages them to interact with the site and visit multiple pages.
  4. Contents Answers Questions: people may say consumers often search for answers to question they have, for instance when your content answer many questions on your site, you’ll likely find site at the top of search results for every customer you are trying to reach. You will give an option outside of simply ranking with basic information about your business and what you do.

In summary the high-quality interest and relevant content contributes significantly to the success of companies on the internet. Companies should think of great content before publication, because in content marketing, the quality of the content will decide the level of your success. And I hope this reasons of mine will thrill you to know why content is the king to the internet.

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