We are in the age where the craze to sound and behave American/European like makes Africans especially Nigerians do unthinkable things. I have been silently watching girls go crazy over Peruvian, Brazilian, and Malaysian weaves. It is so ridiculous because these people would never jump a puddle to look African, talk more of wearing an afro wig. I would let that go but the raving madness of bleaching creams with comic names is making me go psycho. The funny fact is this, that no matter how Nigerians try to look like these foreigners they would never be treated or much more be entirely like them because they are Nigerian/African and this beautiful dark blood runs in your veins.

Alright! That is not my topic for today. I am popping in here to talk about what faking an American accent does to you.

  1. It unconsciously gives you an inferiority complex because you are not comfortable with your own tongue.
  2. You feel that your native language is thrash and inferior to English.
  3. You desperately try to imitate a real American and wire your tongue to be injecting R in every word you say.
  4. You end up looking like a cud chewing goat because the tongue you are faking is rejecting your person.
  5. You feel that your Nigerianess can’t take you anyway and to go anyway you need to speak more American like.
  6. You put yourself at a risk of rejection because Nigerians know fakeness when they see it.
  7. You become a photocopy of you. You are not real enough.
  8. You sound ridiculously flamboyant when you’ve got nothing valueable to offer.
  9. Your native language pronunciations begin to be affected, thereby spoiling its beauty and uniqueness.
  10. You feel uncomfortable in your own skin when others around you act Nigerian and speak the Nigerian pidgin with pride. You feel speaking it with them will lead to you being taunted, which could possibly happen.
  11. You stand the chance of being cheated by your own people, under your very nose because Nigerians assume that the more polish your English looks, the more cash you have on you.
  12. You always unconsciously slip to your real Nigerian accent.
  13. You wake up everyday to wear your fake American accent like a costume and you pull it off when sleeping.
  14. Your speech is just make believe and sounds like a robotic recording.

We speak English English not American English. We should aim to pronounce words correctly without sounding like an American purring cat.

So next time you’re trying to speak like an American, wake up and tell yourself that you are not acting a play.

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Ekycentric is my name. I love messy beds and writing over a plate of beans. I enjoy traveling and randomly clicking at landscape pictures. when I am not writing I am grooming my Afro hair or thinking about the crazy way the world spins.

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