Whether you are a civil servant, company’s worker or a student you must read this to make sure you make extra money to keep you going.

Don’t depend on your salaries, I urge now to take the bull by the horn and make hair while the sun shines. I know people of nowadays need more than anything in this country but depending on your monthly salaries won’t solve the problem.

The following ways will urge u to make money while still working in your various offices.

  1. Customer Referral: Some companies offer a referral compensation program if you bring in new customer you will be compensate, if I may ask how many customers have you refer to company. So this is one of the important ways to make extra money while still receiving your negotiable salary.
  2. Skill Capturing: Put those skills to work and start aside gig as a photographer, introduce what you are capable of doing to people. E.g. if you are a photographer or video graphic, on weekends take yourself out to any event ground like weddings, end of the parties in nursery schools, probably higher institution, you will definitely meet those that want to defend their final year project or seminar for pictures and don’t fail to give them your complimentary card in case of referral to.
  3. Cater: If you’re are an excellent cook then you should start catering an events on the side because you will get paid along the way. Sign up and work for that catering for a day or two. I know it is a tough business, and you may need help. But small parties like baby shower, wedding shower, graduation parties etc. are a little manageable.
  4. Bake: If you’re a good baker than chef, then start selling your bake item during your space time, you can bake for a wedding party, birthday, anniversary etc., you can bake homemade bread, cookies, chin-chin, meat pie, shortbread name them, take it to where you are working if it is permitted, but if it is not keep it in someone’s shop, count it properly before handling it over to the person or u can as well be call for an order in any of the supermarket or eateries for supply.
  5. Making of Jewelry or Bead Making: There’s a demand for handmade jewelry especially beads, people now uses bead like water for fashion. If you know you can make bead my dear expose yourself in wherever you are working, give people your categories on what you can use bead to do like shoes, bags, belts, hats, bangle, etc. Use your weekend properly by making extra money.
  6. Tutor: If you’re proficient enough in subjects like computer science, math English, Geographic, history etc. then start torturing after work or on weekends. Parents who care for their children need help on this area, provided you will be able to impact something reasonable on their child’s brain. Start your practice with people closer to you, because they will be the one selling your capability.

With this few tips I believe you will not be sitting on one chair expecting your monthly salaries, fix yourself at where it fit you and also engage yourself into one or two things to keep you going.

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