Some married men cheat!

Ops! Did I just say all married men cheat? Okay, I said some married men cheat. Not all married men cheat and certainly not all married men are faithful. This does not mean that men are the only culprit in the crime of infidelity. (Hey, some women are always caught in the act too!) But the complaints of cheating are mostly made by women than men.

There’s no cut out reason to why some men cheat. Men, just like women, are complicated that they do the things they do for variety of reasons, so one cannot say for exact that this is/are the reason(s) why men who cheat, cheat.  In as much as it’s not a topic of which I will claim expertise, your husband may be going astray is you answers to any of the following questions is yes.

Do you nag? I sincerely hope your answer to that question is no because if it isn’t, then you may not have to look far to find the reason why your husband is cheating. Men are easily irritated by nagging. They hate it when you keep repeating or saying same thing over and over again. They hate it when you complain at the drop of a hat. And when you repeatedly do that, you’re chasing your man away from home. He is likely to go seek quietude and peace somewhere else and it’s a safe bet it’s going to be in the arms of another woman.

Did you stopped caring about your looks after you said “I do?”  If you did, then you made a great mistake. Your husband is going to appreciate you if you keep up with the way you looked when he first saw you and fell in love. Yes, beauty fades as one grows older and your husband should understand that; but that does not mean you should throw your fashion sense into the wind. Dress nicely and stay trendy. That could do the trick, you never can tell.

Did you stop caring about your weight? You were slim when you were single. Your husband loved your shape, but when you got married, you became careless; adding weight every day, and you are wondering why he seems not to be much interested in you anymore? Well. If I’m to tell you that, I’ll tell you it’s because you stopped doing the things you used to do back then; you stopped hitting the gym and going for morning exercise. You started adding weight, developing belly fat, and your sex appeal reduced. So he looked elsewhere.

You stopped being romantic or you were not at all? Well, what you probably do not know is that the single ladies out there are trying so hard; they are employing all their best skills to lure your man. It’s really bad for you if your man is a romantic type and loves those fifty texts, stolen glances at dinner table, stolen kisses, pillow fights etc. You know why it’s bad for you? Because there are numbers of girls out there who knows and are willing and ready to do it. It’s just a matter of him opting for them.

You’ve got a bad hygiene? Too bad if your answer to that is yes. Except your man has got an unhealthy hygiene too; chances are, he’s not going to come to you when you can’t keep yourself or home neat. When he know he’ll be going home after a long day work to meet cloths strewn all over the house and dirty plates smelling in the sink, he’s most likely to stop over for some bottles of beer and may hook up with some pretty damsel. That’s where it all starts.

You are not versatile? Everyone gets bored with routines. So when day to day life with your husband becomes a routine he’s going to get bored and may turn to another woman who switches up things in dates, sex, outings etc.



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