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Startup Profile: Filmlocations — find suitable venues for movie production

The Nigerian movie industry is one of the few that induces interest of the local and international audience. But just like other sectors, it’s plagued with several challenges. Filmlocations was founded to tackle one of such.

Launched on August 25, 2017, the online platform connects filmmakers to suitable locations for TV commercial, movies, music video or photography projects.

Filmlocations website

“We are Airbnb for film location scouting,” the CEO, Akinsola Muse says.



Unlike the traditional scouting system, Filmlocations has a unique model. It has a database of suitable locations — which include high-end apartments, old or abandoned factories, offices, kitchens to street-side shops — from which filmmakers could choose.

To ensure a problem-free shooting, Filmlocations manages the process end to end. Hence it ensures that the parties involved (filmmakers and venue owners) respect the terms of engagement.

As a result, filmmakers are saved time, money and energy usually expended in getting desired shooting venues. In the same vein, venue owners get to monetise their properties easily and be assured of proper inventory before and after every production.

A process that should be concluded in minutes could take weeks. And if care is not taken, the production could become a nightmare. We want to eliminate rigidity and allow filmmakers to just search, book and shoot!

Co-founders Akinsola Muse (CEO) and Akinwale Muse (Head of Marketing) have piloted the startup’s affairs since inception. And thanks to their background in the movie industry, enlisting worthwhile locations — that are filmmakers’ delight — wouldn’t be so difficult.

If you are a filmmaker, you should consider using Filmlocations to get your next filming venue. Visit the online platform to get started.

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