In the first part of this article, I told you about ten Applications you would love to have on your phone as a student, promised to be back with some more. Well, you could call this a fulfillment of a promise as I’m going to tell you about ten more Apps you would not want to miss out on, as a student. So, let’s get down to business.

Vocabla: A friend once told me that there is no one who knows it all when it comes to English language. I kind of agree with him, especially when it comes to those speaking and learning English language as second language. Such students would find Vocabla very useful. The app allows students add new words, sentences and phrases to their vocabulary every months and practice for few minutes each day using flashcards and word games. Students can also use the app to interact with other users around the world.  So go, build your vocabla!

Study Habits: How healthy is your study habits as a student? Well, it may not be too healthy to get you those dream straight ‘A’s. But not to worry, there’s an App to help. Study Habits is most comprehensive and productive. The application uses strategies based on educational psychology to help students develop study habits that boost their memory, increase motivation to read, improves understanding and reduces stress and anxiety. I think you should try it out.

Open Culture: Open Culture is an app which students can use to source for free educational materials to help in their studies. With Open Culture you can access free audio books university courses, and podcasts on a variety of topics.

Writing Prompt: For some student, writing projects and other assignments is Mount Everest to climb; you may be one of such student. But not to worry, Writing Prompt can help you tackle creative writing tasks and suggest some ideas for an upcoming project. It generates words, phrases, images and other things to help your task and spark fresh ideas.

RescueTime: RescueTime helps you identify what distracts you most by tracking how much time one spends on a particular site or activity and sends alert to let you know if you are spending more time on a particular activity. It would help you curb the time you spend on social media and other unimportant activities and help you spend your time productively.

EasyBib: EasyBib is an app that helps you create citations in styles like MLA, APA, etc. and also take notes and create outline. Lectures can also use the app to fish out plagiarism and teach information literacy.

Cram: Cramming isn’t a great way to study but sometimes, it is the only option. Students studying law understands this better. With the features in Cram, you can create flashcards and multiple-choice question to practice with, which helps you cram. The app can also grade your test performance and enable you track your progress.

Planner Pig: Planner Pig is a study planner and motivational app that helps you create a study plan within minutes and help you stick to it by notifying you, rewarding you, and giving you a chance to see your friend’s progress to encourage you etc.

Sunrise: Sunrise is a calendar app that brings events and birthdays from Facebook and other apps and syncs them with multiple services such as Evernote, TripIt, and Google Calendar. It also include some other features like agenda view, week view, month view that will help you stay on top of your course work and deadlines.

Knowledge: Knowledge app provides a lot of information on a wide variety topic from science, arts social sciences etc. It also allows you store away information for future reference. You would love to have this one on your gadget.


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