One of the beautiful things about the technological age we are is that it made most activity, which previously used to be tedious and boring now easy and interesting for us, and this does not exclude studying. You would hardly find a student today without an innovative gadget, be it phones, tablets or laptops, but it is most saddening that some of these students do not know that those gadgets could be very helpful even to their studies with just the right apps in them.

Here, on the first part of this article I will tell you about ten apps that could be very helpful to you as a student. More are to come in the second part.

Sleep If U Can: I know how hard it is for you to get yourself out of bed to study at night. Most times it is even harder to wake up very early in the morning and prepare for school. Most student set alarms on their phones but picking up the phone and clicking the ‘stop’ button is all it takes to switch off the alarm. With Sleep If U Can alarm, you have to get out of bed and take a picture of, let’s say your bathroom or any other place you define.

Angry words: Angry word is a multi player game which allows you exercise you minds while catching fun at the same time. So instead of spending most of your play time playing games that won’t help your brain, you could engage your brain With Angry Words. Angry words is also a great way to kill time while waiting for a late lecturer.

GoConqr: GoConqr is just the right app for you if you are preparing for exams. It allows you create online Mind Maps, Flashcards, Online notes and Quizzes. It has a lot of tools such as ‘Study Groups’ and ‘Study Planner’. Another good thing about GoConqr is that it is a web-app, which means you can access it with the browser on your phone. It is a very useful way to create an online study resource and share them with your friends and class mates. helps you create a to-do list and synchronizes your list with other devices so that you can access your list from anywhere. You can add new entries to your list with the help of the touch-base interface, or use your voice to create task. Isn’t  that beautiful. also has tools that help you change the priority of your entry, mark task when completed and even shake your phone to remove completed task from it.

Drop Box: With drop box, you do not need to worry about losing you notes. It allows you upload your document, photos and videos in cloud and get them online whenever you want.

Scribd: Scribd is an online library which helps students find different documents and books that are important to them or relates to their course of study. People from all over the world share documents and books on Scribd and you can easily access, curate and organize them according to your topic of interest. You can also create your own library and share notes, texts and books with friends.

 SelfControl: I used to be so distracted by notifications from my social media and other apps when reading till a friend told me about SelfControl. Even in class, I used to be so distracted by my phone. You would want to ask why I couldn’t just turnoff my data, but you know there are times you just need to get additional resources on net while reading or sometimes you just want to read on net, and you can’t do that with your data off. App allows me to block certain website and apps that distract me from studying for a set period of time. I can’t even flip a button and check the blocked apps until the period of time I had set elapses. SelfControl is that good.

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