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Online participation in Nigerian’s youth is an online communication that takes the youth beyond the limits of traditional media, “a category of online media where people talk, participating in sharing networking, and book marketing online.” Currently, there is an array of social media networks in the world, ranging from social sharing sites such as YouTube, Twitter to LinkedIn and Facebook among others.

The youth however, remains the most prominent users of the social media. Social media have offered the youth with a medium through which they could scrutinize the activities of those that are in government.

An online user, Garba Ibrahim “said that online or internet has become a sine quinoa in the life of every youth in the globe as they apply it in their day–to-day activities”.  According to him “as you walk along major roads and streets, you will see many youth holding tight to their mobile phones and in public transport like buses or taxi, their phones have become their companions, “he said even the Nigerian higher institutions, students are seen carrying their phones around, with eyes glued to the screens of their phones, you will be imagining what they are doing, “press it” on high ways, you may ask questions, they are Facebooking, twitting 2going, pinging and whatsapping.

I will quickly list out 5 ways on how online has a great impact on Nigerian youths.

  1. The advent increased capacity: Online has increased the capacity of youth to participate in governance, in a similar vein, online assists in bringing youths into investigation of various societal ills. For instance, it was through this platform that the October 6, 2013 killing of some students of the University of Port Harcourt, Aluu was exposed. ‘Bring back our girls’ campaign is another example where the youth has sufficiently relied on the platform of the online to solve the societal problems.
  2. Enhancement of research work: online as a whole enhances research work by students and the general public alike. Debora Matthew “said that online serves as a means of communicating and sharing of idea among the youths.” She also added that it serve as a tools for democratization of the nation.
  3. Enlightenment: the Nigerian youths have been enlightened because of online media exposure, it offers unlimited possibilities for Nigerian youth. It helps the youths through  NGOs and other relevant stakeholder of our country to regulate and enlighten the youth on the good benefits which enhanced proper development of our society.
  4. Exposure: most youths are engaged in political activities or in non-political interest driven activities. It highlights ways to  educate and prepare youths on how to use digital media to participate in civic and politics in Nigeria.
  5. Large proportions: large proportion of youth across racial and ethnic groups have access to internet and uses online social media regularly to stay connected to their family and friends and pursues Internet and hobbies, youths now consume news through participating in channels. 40% of youth reported getting news at least once in a week from family and friends via twitter or Facebook feeds, youths believe they would benefit from learning how to judge the credibility of what they find online.

Conclusion, the rate of Nigeria youth online participation  have a great impact on the youth of Nigerian which provide a platform for unemployment for the youth to either be gainfully employed and become aware of job opportunities in Nigeria and other countries as well.

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