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Have you been wondering how you can make your website appear among results on the first page of any search engine any time someone searches for contents which you have or which relates to what you have on your sites? Then you are reading just the right article. There’s absolutely no magic in making search engine display your website among search results on the first page. Yeah, the process though, is quite technical, but the good news is that you don’t need to understand the technical parts before you can benefit from search engines. Talking about benefits, search engines offer a lot of benefits especially for business websites. For one, it creates traffic on your website and also helps clients and prospective clients find your business easily. So how can you make search engine show your website in search results? Let’s see.

Know How to Search Engine Works: To be able to effectively optimize your website, you need to have some idea about how search engine works. Don’t worry; I will explain this in a very simple clear way. You may have been wondering how search engine searches through the entire web and display results so quickly. Well, you are about to have an idea about how that works.

Search engines may use different software, but they all perform the same task: first they “crawl” the web (examine its contents), then they “index” its contents (categorize each piece of the contents), and finally they “rank” the contents (decide which content is most useful to the searcher and displays it accordingly. Every search engine uses a software program known as “bots.” The bots visits and revisits every web page looking for content to include in the index. After the bots indexes a gigantic list of web pages and contents it finds, the search engine uses the index as the source of the results it displays on search result page and then finally ranks them according to what it deems most important to the searcher. The formula search engine to rank pages is their top secret, but no matter what formula they use the goal remains the same: try to connect the searcher with what they are looking for.

So when a searcher asks a search engine to find something, it goes through a list of previously indexed contents and brings out relevant results, based on what the searcher is looking for. Now that you know how search engine works, it would be easy for you to “optimize” your website to make sure they show up when people are looking for contents which your website offers; but it doesn’t just end by knowing how search engine works. Let’s now look at the vital things on your website you need to pay attention to.

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Make Sure Your Page Title Accurately Describes Its Contents: Search engines do not read characters that appear on your screen they way you do, they read the codes embedded in those characters which help them understand what the web page is about. So for example, search engine reads your page title and it says, “Mega Vegetables,” but its contents are about fruits, it won’t display your web site among search results. So you can help search engine display your website by making sure the page title accurately describe its contents. Although your page title should describe its contents, do not make it too long. Keep it short and sweet.

Use Descriptive Titles for Images on Your Site: Search engine does not see those nice photos on your site the way you see it. What they see is the code behind the images. So if you want to help search engines identify your photos, you are sure to give it a descriptive title. For example, an image of a delicious afang soup titled as “image.pg” does not tell the search engine anything about the image; whereas, title like “afang-soup.jpg” perfectly tells what the image is about. Why this is important is that it helps search engines decide if the image on your site is what the searcher is actually looking for.

Speak the Language of Your Visitors: I guess right now you are wondering how you could possibly speak the language of your visitors when you don’t really know who they are. You may be thinking; “what if my website visitors are from various tribes with different languages, am I to start learning all these languages?” Well, the answer is no. Obviously, your contents would be written in the general language you know your visitors would understand. But in speaking the language of your visitors you need to write your contents in the terms they are most familiar with. For example you are writing on how to prepare beans cake. Do your customers know it as beans cake or “Akara”? Think about the words or terms they use to describe your product, service, or what you are writing about. It is most likely that they are using the same term when searching. So you need to discover the word or phrase people use when searching for what you have on your website.

Make Your Website Relevant: Confused? Okay, let’s look at it this way. Search engine’s function is to display a site which is most relevant to a searcher, and when it comes to relevance, search engine considers the first page searchers see when they click on a search result; this is called the “landing page.” So what do you do to make your website relevant? Make sure each page of your web contains specific information. Let’s say for example you run a news website where you write on sport, politics, entertainment, education, religion etc. You would want to categorize them instead of stuffing them in on one page. That way, search engines would be able to know what page to show when someone searches for, say, sport news.

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Again to achieve this relevance tips, make sure your website carries enough information. Let take for instance, you run a website for your computer service shop, and someone searches for “computer service.” If your website carries information on pricing, location, contact, promo etc. search engine would surely recognize your site as being relevant over a website of same service that carries some or none of these information.

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