Now I want to discuss on the difference between  entrepreneurs and those who are not. Often seen as one and the same, an entrepreneur and who is not, may share the same similarity, because if you are not an entrepreneur probably you will be an employee in any organization. The majority of business owners fall under the category of “self-employed”. They begin with a skill or particular set of skills and find that the opportunity to make money arises.

In this article I will duel in 6 differences between a successful entrepreneur and those who are not.

  1. Responsibility: An entrepreneur is responsible for all the activities of the business which he/she started, entrepreneurs have the freedom to take decision and choices that can positively or negatively affect the growth of the company. On the other hand, those who are not entrepreneurs answer yes sir every time because they are employed under an authority and  will follow orders given by  entrepreneurs, they run the overall structure of the business and the ideas behind the business.
  2. Entrepreneurs Have An Existing Strategy: An existing strategy is a way to keep your business going. So you can work extra hours in a week, make a nice big valuable company. whereas those that are not don’t care about those  strategies because they are passionate about supporting the life they want to live.
  3. Specialization: Entrepreneurs know about all the activities of the business. They know what it takes to their investments,  If you are not an entrepreneur you won’t pass through all these.
  4. Entrepreneurs Just Want Profit: Entrepreneurs typically want to grow profits as fast as possible. I.e. they can sacrifice a large amount of time and financial investments. Whereas non entrepreneurs have big ambition on how that money can come their way within a twinkle of an eyes and peradventure, seeing that money ,they won’t make good use of it, they will want to travel round the world, play in road bands or just plain kick back on a beach without investing the money on business.
  5. Open- Mindedness: The most successful entrepreneurs never forget how much they can learn from others. They ask for advice, they’re flexible, they soak up the best practices around them like a sponge, they have fear for failure because it can make things easy for them to grip onto their vision with an iron fist. Whereas non entrepreneurs don’t have time for all these, they have no fear in anywhere, because they’re there expecting their monthly salaries. For instance, if they are civil servants, they only go to their respective offices for signing of their time book, stay in the office for some minutes then live. At the end of the month they will receive their salaries, (so will they be afraid to lost in anything).

Finally, the bottom line is that at the end of this article, over the discussion between entrepreneur and those who are not, you will be able to gather more information on the working nature of jobs description on whether to become an entrepreneur or not, that will be after you might have finished reading the above point and their explanations.

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