Most of the times, people have been discouraged by people who do not know or have sufficient information and knowledge about Communication Arts. They reason that Communication Arts has only one or two fields for students of Communication Arts to major in.

This being the case, many people have continued to believe misconceptions and information about the course. Some who would have had a successful career have discarded their dreams and taken some other course that they might not have satisfaction and fulfillment.

If you are planning to study communication Arts in any Nigerian university but you are confused because you don’t know what possible careers are available under it, don’t worry because this article has come to give you more information that can help you make a better decision.

Communication Arts is a very unique discipline that has several careers for you to consider if you are planning to study Communication Arts or you are already studying it.

What is Communication Arts?

Communication Arts is an innovative course that studies the theory and practice of media, arts and culture in relation to professional industries such as social media, film, radio, journalism, public relations and music,

In Nigeria, many universities know it as Mass Communication while the University of Ibadan calls it Language and Communication Arts and the University of Uyo calls it Communication Arts.

Below are a list of the major professions and careers under the discipline Communication Arts.

  1. Journalism: This is one of the major fields under Communication Arts. Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating and presenting news and information. It is the production and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas and people that are the news of the day. Journalism deals mostly with writing of news, reports, features, editorials, and the major tools used by journalists are the newspaper, magazine, journals and others. So after studying Communication Arts, you can choose to make a career in journalism.
  2. Broadcasting: This is the distribution of audio or video content or other messages to a dispersed audience via any electronic mass communication medium. A broadcasting presenter provides a public voice or face to a range of shows broadcast on T.V, radio and the internet. You can be a newscaster, reporter, weather analyst, sport analyst, announcer, DJ, commentator and so on. And the broadcast tools are mainly the T.V, and the radio.
  3. Advertising: Advertising is another lucrative career under Communication Arts. Lots of people are going into it and it is proving to be very juicy. Advertising is defined as consisting all the activities involved in presenting to the audience a non-personal, sponsor identified, paid for message about a product or organization. Advertisers are paid to plan advertising and promotional campaigns, introduce new products to the public and promote existing products and service. They also create creative, eye-catching and mind-blowing Ad copies.
  4. Public Relations Officers: In Communication Arts, students are trained to be successful public relations officers. You can support the fact that no organization, company even the government can succeed without people who are trained to create, sustain and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with the public. The public relations officers are paid to plan publicity strategies and campaigns, write and produce presentations and press releases, deal with enquires from the public, the press and other related organizations, provide clients with information about the organization’s or company’s rules and policies and to also build the image and the reputation of the company positively in the eyes of the public.
  5. Author: Yes! This is true because Communication Arts students are trained to become good writers, authors, editors and publishers. This is one of the career in which people with writing skills can earn a living.
  6. Photography: Have you heard of photo-journalism? This is the use of pictures to tell stories as news. As a student of Communication Arts, you are trained to handle cameras and videos. You are trained to video, direct and produce films and documentaries. So you can decide to become a movie director and also a producer.
  7. Entertainment: You see! The Communication Arts students are trained to fit in almost all areas when it comes to arts. When it comes to drama, acting of movies and other things involved in entertain. They make good music producers and the rest.

These are just a few of the careers that are under Communication Arts. And I hope you find one that fits your personality.

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