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Is Hydroponics Aquaponics Aeroponics Safe For Planting?

Few years back, I went to Synagogue Church owned by Pastor TB Joshua at Ikotun in Lagos. That was the first time I would see a live flower growing without soil. That was Hydroponics system of planting.

Here I how I understand the terms:


Is a method used to grow plant without soil. They use mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.


uses a symbiotic combination in which plants are fed by the aquatic animals’ discharge or waste.

Or let me just say it’s a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic creatures supplies the nutrients for plants growth, which in turn purify the water.


is an indoor gardening practice in which plants are grown and nourished by suspending their root structures in air and regularly spraying them with a nutrient.

I have not really seen this systems used for planting anything other than flowers in Nigeria.

It’s trending and becoming a viral thing. I just would see why a Nigerian would want to use any of these system for a serious farming. We have good lands around us and to manage them could be a bit expensive.

To my own opinion, I think Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Aeroponics, are very interesting and sound civilised but using it as a Nigerian would just be cool. Especially for a rice farming or maybe a watermelon farming.

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