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How to Start a Money Making Online Business in Nigeria

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How to Start a Money Making Online Business in Nigeria

    In a country with over 180 million people, unemployment has been one of the major societal problems. Creation of job opportunities by the government is limited due to the fact that such are based on natural resources and government’s investment. Getting a white-collar job used to be the source of admiration for the masses but in recent times the mismanagement of state funds and lack of payment of salaries made it a necessity made it a necessity to grow beyond state dependence.
    In a search to make life better, many Nigerians have turned out to be entrepreneurs, being their own bosses and engaging in some luxurious and money generating businesses which may take a lot of time and resources to get what is needed in the market or to reach it’s final consumers. Inadequate Man-power has also been a major problem to the growth of many enterprises and the subsequent and persistent inflation made it unwise to save in local currency if one is hoping to make an investment and earn huge profit.
   Everyone is born with potentials and knowing that you can play a major role in shaping the society makes it the reason why you stand up for every possibility. A popular  quote by Aristotle says “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ―
  • What if you can be the solution to these problems?
  • What if you can be your own boss?
  • What if you can work from the comfort of your home providing for yourself and making huge savings from minor activities online?
  • What if you can be the one to create huge job opportunities for the masses simply by the use of the internet?

It’s time to break the barriers against all odds, think outside the box and let your initiative and innovations speak for you. Remember, “ Opportunities don’t happen. You create them” – Chris Grosser.

The internet has certainly made the world a global village where sharing of information is that cheap and easy and it saves time too. You can develop the idea of online marketing or engage in online businesses so as to save yourself the stress of having to depend on the government for monthly salaries, not to waste time on things that are not worth it, and increasing the number of customers you may get due to the online advertisement reaching a lot more audience than number of people one may meet face to face.
The first thing that you need to do as an Internet Marketer or Online Marketer is to understand the kind of Niche Market you want to work in.
The six parts of knowing your market include:
  1. Understand the problem that you are trying to solve.
  2. Have an image of your prospective customer in mind. Try to gather as much relevant information about them as you can.
  3. Figure out what they will gain from your offer, and who will have most to lose by not taking it?
  4. Think about your target market, and segment it. Are you aiming to work with a particular class of people, gender, age or geographical area?
  5. Think about your product and company. Do you have an advantage with a certain class of people, or in some specific location?
  6. What makes you a unique solution to the problem, and what is the competition trying to do?


Study and analyse your target market (Niche market). This will make it easier for you to tailor your products or services, and direct them specifically at your target audience as you know where they meet online.
You may engage in such activities like –
  1. Blogging for money by monetizing the blog with contextual advertising like Google Adsense
  2. Selling advert spaces, or promoting affiliate marketing products
  3. Writing articles for Webmasters for a fee
  4. Publishing your own ebook and selling it online
  5. Domain and website flipping
  6. Membership site management in your area of expertise

engaging in a lot of activities as many entrepreneurs may be tempted to do is not always the right choice as you would master none. Focus on a Specific Type of Internet Marketing and Master it.

Focus on a Specific Type of Internet Marketing and Master it.

— Kamshinen Maxwell

By becoming an expert in one aspect of Internet marketing you can command higher pay for your time.  This will ensure that your business is profitable when using that method to sell your products or services.  This specialist knowledge will become your unique selling point.


Ensure that performance measurement is an integral part of your market strategy so as to know what is, and what is not performing well and make necessary adjustments and improvements. Monitoring your progress will let you know what generates income and what makes you lose a lot of money.
Providing an Honest and Trustworthy Service will help build the reputation of your business as customers will only stick to a transparent service provider. Being dishonest will scare your customers away.
Be willing to share what you learn, give customers unrestricted access to their campaign data, actively request feedback, and tell your clients the truth even good or bad.
It is also necessary to Request Customer Feedback so as to know how and where you need to improve your business. Customer feedback helps you identify any customers that are not satisfied with the service or product that you are providing. You may be able to retain some customers even if they are not satisfied with the service simply by letting them know what has really happened or negotiating on other terms.
Overall, the online business opens a wide range of opportunities for individuals of petty or large business ambitions which may equally prosper in Nigeria. Though there may be hurdles like the expensive cost of data provided by Internet providers and reluctance of the masses to engage in online business due to poor services and the fear of internet fraud, one can actually excel in this when you see the profits beyond losses and provide transparent and quality services to your customers.
In conclusion, all I have outlined above are necessary, these are proven models of business that can last for centuries, I am a benefactor of the aforementioned and I will still share more as I learn more.
Thanks for reading through, if you want to make a difference and start an online business today that’ll not only make you money but put you in position to employ labour in Nigeria or out of Nigeria, I can help you set up your business online, just drop a message on the contact page or comment and I’ll reach back to you as soon as possible. Cheers
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