Stealing of our properties by anybody is not what anyone prays for, whether it is intellectually, identity, or physically. Theft is often recorded in many businesses. It happens from the most petty to the most serious. It is sometimes carried out by unscrupulous employees, or most times by devilish strangers. I have outlined in this article SOME ways to prevent theft.

  1. Take stock of all financial activities: Have an invoice or a register, be it electronic or manual. If it is manual, keep it in a safe and secretive ways where it is only known to you, to prevent it from being tampered with. For the electronic financial records, use passwords to secure it or use computer applications/databases that restrict third parties from seeing it.
  1. Place CCTV cameras at strategic places to monitor all movements in your business premises: Let an anonymous company have a backup of all recorded videos from the CCTV camera. This is to ensure that sensitive movements are not detected from it by your employees.
  2. Put trusted persons in charge of the component departments and entrust in them the monitoring of financial activities: Tell them to report any suspicious transaction to you.
  3. Do not be a naïve employer: You are the owner of the business, and any disaster that happens will be to your own peril. Monitor employees activities and be discreet enough to know when one has an ulterior movements. You can trust but don’t trust enough.
  4. Put alarms in strategic places including secret escape routes.
  5. Ensure the locking of doors after close of work: Use difficultly manipulated doors/locks. Have the duplicate keys of all rooms in the premises.
  6. Have a tight data security. This is to prevent data thieves and hackers who might want to sell this information to others who might want to carry financial fraud. This kind of theft is not often carried out by people who are physically present in the home country. It is borderless and international, and carried out by people who are miles away.
  7. Use encryption for all your business databases.
  8. Inform your employees to be wary of tricksters/identity thieves who disguise themselves to be information finders/researchers.
  9. Set policies and procedures for all business activities.
  10. Treat employees fairly: Most times thefts are often carried out by unsatisfied employees who feel you are cheating them. An unhappy employee is likely to steal from you. Buy their trust and loyalty by being more than an employee. Treat them humanely and fairly.
  11. Educate your employees: They should be careful of certain activities and lay out the consequences, if caught as a doer or an accomplice.


  12. The deal is to just MONITOR, MONITOR AND MONITOR.
  13. Utilize excellent customer service: Sometimes go out of the way to provide personal services to customers or clients. Train your employees to be nice and polite to customers, irrespective of their status. A welcomed customers could also report some uncomfortable spots in your business to you that could place you in danger.

Every business, whether big or small is prone to theft. So as an employer, you have to be proactive and reactive about it. Be wise. Stay vigilant and don’t bat an eyelid.


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