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An over worked body would certainly respond to the intense duress you’re putting on it. Whether you’re a sedimentary worker or a manual worker it is very important for you to keep your body alert and running healthily, even while performing multiple tasks in the office. Here are things you should do.

  1. Have a schedule or a to-do list: Writing down your plans for the day and putting it on a place you can easily see will act as some reminder to you. First, it helps you to get your mind in good shape. Second, it helps you to have a mental note of what you should do and at the end of the day. It helps you to look back at how far you’ve gone during the day (what you have achieved so far).
  1. Start your day with an exercise :You don’t need me to ramble off telling you what an exercise it. At some point in time, we do exercise. It could be walking, running, jogging, sit ups, push ups,etc. Always begin your day with an exercise and stick to it like glue. It not only keeps your mind fit but helps to make your body physically fit.
  1. Have what keeps you running :Have what triggers you to work or do something. To some it could be pacing to and fro, from one end to another. To others it could be listening to music or eating or talking or laughing. To the programmers, it is to try cracking a code. Have what moves you to work and do something. In that case you won’t have your mind  clogged or be blank when you want to start work.
  1. Drink milk Yea! Milk is the magic wand:  Any milk will do; it could be yoghurt. Milk gives you this soothing feeling and calming effect, such that your entire body system is put at ease when you take it. It keeps s you up and going without giving you unnecessary triggers- the way alcohol does. A sachet of milk or yoghurt or a glass of it will do your body a lot of good during working hours.
  1. Laugh at intervals: You don’t need to sit down all choked up and looking like a stern judge. Crack those silly jokes, give out banters to colleagues around you, laugh at funny moments, remember a funny event and laugh about it. Laughing is good for the soul and body. It encourages a person and puts the other person at ease.
  1. Smile while you can: Like laughing, smiling is another saving grace. It brightens up your face and gives you an everlasting glow that makes others wonder if you’ve won the jackpot.
  1. Be yourself: Even though workplaces always has its boundaries and limits, in the midst of it try to be yourself. Don’t overdo your character and don’t over do it. Just try to do everything in moderate amounts.
  1. Be polite: Politeness has a balm effect. It cools everyone off. It makes you at ease and not looking like a grunting pig. Politeness makes your mind free of worries and adds a kind of spring to your movement. This way you are snappy, smart and ready to reel off tasks to yourself and others in a non-hurting way.
  1. Look up from what you are doing: You don’t need to be all engrossed that your hands and legs are crumpy. You don’t need to peer consistently into that screen that your eyes are all dim and swollen from the lights. Once in a while look up, sit back and relax. You ain’t a lubricated machine.
  2. Wear what makes you comfortable: Ill fitting clothes can go a long way in making you uncomfortable and not relaxed. So from your shoes to your undies, wear what will make you comfortable and not shifting painfully on your chair.

Working is not meant to be that boring. Just find what you love doing, get paid for it, and put your heart in it. Hey! Lest I forget don’t forget to give yourself a beauty sleep after every working day and eat food rich in vitamins. Lastly, drink a glass of water or more to put your digestive tract in place. Work it! live it! be happy!

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