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Your customers are always first. Always seek for their satisfaction and ultimate joy.

  1. Make sure to relate with people well. People and not monkeys will make your business grow. More people means a bigger network and a bigger network means greater connections.
  2. Be informal when talking to clients or customers, put them at ease.
  3. Site your mortar and brick shops in strategic positions. You can’t open a restaurant by a mosque.
  4. Think of great ideas to move your business forward.
  5. Attend seminars and workshops to get more exposure.
  6. Travel widely and gain experiences of new people and new places, it will help your business grow.
  7. Don’t take decisions hastily. Think critically before taking decisions.
  8. Be nice to your employees, remember they are the first contact clients have.
  9. Be disciplined in matters of finance.
  10. Buy tangible things and invest in things that will sky rocket your profit.
  11. Take that risk. You will never know how it is if you don’t try it.
  12. Be bold. Be confident. Nothing beats confidence.
  13. Advertise your business and market your products and services well
  14. Occasionally give discounts to loyal clients or customers.
  15. Be interested in the lives of your clients. Ask for their birthdays and slip in a surprise. Put their welfare at heart if there is a disaster of proximity that could affect them.
  16. An educated mind is the most fertile mind.
  17. Have your quiet moments where you can think.
  18. Be polite to everyone. Remember first impression counts.
  19. Try not to impose your views about a product on anyone, but establish it firmly.
  20. Try to be honest and transparent in your dealings. It takes 20 years to build a reputation but just 2 minutes to ruin it.
  21. Pay your employees on time.
  22. Try to meet deadlines.
  23. Have a good public relations.
  24. Don’t try to cheat your customers and gain undue profit.
  25. Avoid toxic people that tend to make you lose your bearings.
  26. Have a good brand promoter and strategist.
  27. Brand your products or services well to prevent counterfeiting.
  28. As your business grows venture into sponsoring events. It helps to boost your image and gain patronage.
  29. Do not underestimate your competitor.
  30. Take proactive measures against risks.
  31. Be creative.
  32. Let your business feel the need in peoples life.

Every gem has a nugget. Every success has a story. Businesses are made with the motives of profit making. As much as you want to make profit, be careful  not to take dangerous advantage of your customers/clients. Having the right attitude to working and exerting passion on it will serve you better. Be punctual to your business, remember that punctuality is the soul of business.

However, in business always follow your heart and do what is right no matter how wrong it seems. Kick it up and follow the vision to serve humanity through your business.


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Ekycentric is my name. I love messy beds and writing over a plate of beans. I enjoy traveling and randomly clicking at landscape pictures. when I am not writing I am grooming my Afro hair or thinking about the crazy way the world spins.

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