What is terrorism? Terrorism is the deliberate commission of an act of violence to create an emotional response through the suffering of the victims in the furtherance of a political, religious or social agenda.

What is crime? Crime is any wrong which affects a community as a whole, in which the offender is punished.

What is security? Security is the condition of not being threatened physically, psychologically, emotionally or financially or otherwise “Freedom from Apprehension”


It means being alert or aware that your security is not guaranteed, or being aware that you are not safe or when you smell danger. Someone could ask “Am I safe?” That means you are not sure of your safety or security.


  • Burglary Proof: Ensure that you fix protectors on your doors and windows.
  • Do not sleep at night without checking to ensure that your doors and windows are properly locked. Do not leave it for your children and maids.
  • Keep away items that could aid access into your compound. (E.g. ladder, scaffolds, blocks).
  • Be vigilant at all times and observe happenings in your immediate environment. Know people around you, the car they drive and where they live. We call this local knowledge.
  • Always report suspicious persons or movement to the police and be friendly with relevant authorities who may be of help to you (E.g. the DPO, DCO and Patrol teams in your area)
  • Landlords should endeavor to conduct adequate checks on their prospective tenant, his name, where he hails from, occupation, etc.
  • If you are a driver or a passenger travelling, don’t be fast to greet or discuss with strange passengers. Don’t collect gift from them like drinks, food or fruits.
  • Do not answer phone calls at petrol stations where petrol is sold and do not use your phone lights while dispensing petrol inside generator tank because it might ring and explosion occurs.
  • Do not switch off your phones at night as you may be of help to someone who may need your help.
  • Closed circuit television (C.C.T.V.) cameras are strongly recommended in commercial and high end residence as well as others who can afford them.
  • In places of worship, markets, and supermarket, don’t leave your children/wards with strangers.
  • Never accept to take possession of, or watch over any bag or object kept by unknown person or persons (they may be bomb inside).
  • Do not expose valuables inside your cars like handbag as this could attract hoodlums to either damage your car or steal from it and don’t keep valuable things like phones and handbags near to your windows.
  • In this era of internet, there is a cyber-crime where fraudsters use VIP’s pictures and names to commit crime. Beware.
  • Do not buy land without verification with the village head, family head and ministry of land and housing.
  • Never you give your security guard or house maid notice before firing them and always search their luggage before relieving them of their duties in your house.
  • Never carry huge sum of money and board a vehicle or tricycle where other passengers are already inside. Hire your tricycle alone.
  • Train your children and maids never to offer a stranger seat or allow them into your house in your absence.
  • Do not disclose your identity on phone to a stranger as he may use it against you.
  • Do not disclose your ATM pin to anyone except your spouse.
  • In emergency or distress situation, call the following numbers:
  • 0802 091 3810
  • 0803 921 3071
  • 0802 891 6010
  • 0802 641 8716
  • Be precise, give your name and address and describe scene of the crime.



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