Get the best out of Facebook ad campaigns by using effective strategies

Facebook is the largest social media platform available at the moment. Facebook is the home of millions of users on a daily basis and it offers an amazing opportunity for exposure. This the reason for which many people are turning to Facebook ads to score big in terms of hits when it comes to their own websites or services.

However, there’s a right way to use Facebook ads and a less effective way. If you find yourself not gaining the results you want through Facebook ads, you might be on the less effective usage spectrum of users. No reason to worry though, as we will give you a quick rundown of how you can properly exploit the potential of Facebook ads and see an effective campaign flourish through applying a couple simple guidelines. Before starting, it’s worth noting that you can also reach out for help when it comes to Facebook marketing and ad management. There are service providers such as Didia which can help you with getting a better understanding on how you should deal with these issues.

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Audience Insights

Audience Insights is a tool provided by Facebook which lets you gather target data and thus explore a new customer pool. Based on the parameters and details of customers that have already liked your page or showed interest in what it is you offer, Audience Insights will provide information on new targets that would be suitable for pursuing.

Using this tool is a very effective way of finding new people to approach and doors to open for your business. You can access Audience Insights from the Ad Management section.

Stay relevant to convert credibility into business

There are several benefits to staying true to your promise and offering exactly what you said you would offer. By maintaining a permanent alignment between your landing page and the ads you use, you will set yourself up for an audience based on trust and far less reluctance to click on ads. And speaking of clicking on ads, you will also pay a lot less due to having a higher score on the ad relevance meter. This is the most effective way to go as keeping Facebook ads relevant to their landing page beats a cheap trick. Remember that it’s not a sprint, so give the ads time to showcase your authenticity.

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Experiment with ad placement and composition

The best ad is not always easy to spot at first.  If you are uncertain about certain details of your ad, you can make variations of that ad where the only thing different is that specific element.  This applies whether we’re talking about the headline or the description, or any other element for that matter. Some perform better in certain compositions, so you can test them all out, but it’s better to run one ad version at a time and stay away from split-testing, as it is not an effective approach when you’re trying to pinpoint a specific element.

Facebook ads can be a highly profitable form of exposure, and it is available to everyone. But how each individual tackles these key aspects differentiates high number generation from mediocre results.

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