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Empowerment of entrepreneur here is how you can be known on what you are capable of doing. You may be wondering how you can take your business to a higher scheme or level because of lack of money. Let me say this, anything you feel you can do, my dear do it well, try as much as you can to add color to your work because it will take you to where you never imagine you can reach.

During the celebration of Akwa Ibom State at 30, girls of 19-20 years or there about, come up with an idea of making cocoa yam and water yam flour in powder form for Ekpang nkuwo, those from Akwa Ibom State and Cross River State knows what I mean. Like I was saying, after the introduction, she showed us how to prepare it with the mixture of warm water and she uses the cocoa yam leave in rapping as usual, and behold the delicious Ekpang nkuwo was ready.

Guest what happen to that girl on that day, she was awarded, empowered by the state commissioner and she was also given some money to increase her business. She said that it is what she has been doing  to support her younger ones to school. These are four tips on how you can be empowered.

  1. Showcase Your Skills In Public: Showcasing your skills in public here simply means, going out to where they are having big occasion like that of Akwa Ibom State and seminars. Go to where you will meet prominent people, showcase your talent there, prove to them  how one can survive with that particular skill in you, I must say before the end of that occasion you will have a story to tell like others.
  2. Improve Your Knowledge: Entrepreneurship itself has a great awareness, try as much as you can  to be aware of current things, things that are trending, and make sure you change from your previous thinking, knowledge and skills. For instance if you are baker, thing on how you can bake on a different categories .
  3. Stay Connected: Thank God we now have different types of website that will make people know what you do. I’m talking about how you can be connected to people deeply, be connected to professionals because is through this that people will get to know you more. try to build a strong relationship with people who are already established in your field of expertise
  4. Be Informed: There is this saying that  “if you are not informed you will be deformed” which means get information on time on things that will be happen ahead, then think on what you can offer on a given platform. Don’t wait for month, week or year meeting to know what will happen in your state. Make use of social network; look for the necessary updates for good information.

Finally, don’t be a business creator and some other person is using money to over-rule you. If you don’t have money to expand a particular skill, think of this few tips here and make a good name in your environment.

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