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Bezosville: Mashable’s proposal for Amazon’s second headquarters

At the center of Bezosville is Echo Tower. The building will serve as Amazon’s headquarters, as well as the town hall, hospital, fire station, mall, hospice, and water tower.

Echo Tower will be a feat of modern technology. Designed to look like an Amazon Echo, the building itself will be a connected speaker that answers to only one man—Jeff Bezos, Breaker of Business Models, King of the Web Services, the Unbought, the Minister of Prime.

And yes, it is Alexa-enabled. Alexa, through the tower, would act as de facto mayor when Mr. Bezos is elsewhere.

The tower will be surrounded by numerous Amazon Dot-inspired buildings that will provide additional office space and services. That area will also have Dot-inspired houses for the city’s highest-performing residents. What about those low performers? More on that in a bit.

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