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Many people struggle maintaining focus, especially on assignment that requires sustained attention, like documenting things in the office as well as reading or doing  calculations.

We encounter distractions every minute; distractions can dramatically increase the amount of time you spend in your personal duties. If you have 2hours of homework to complete, but you only spend ten minute out of every 15 minutes actively working on your assignments, that means you will need at least 4 hours to complete the same amount of work you need to do, (that is an estimate) all this extra time spent on homework can cause you to stay up late and lose sleep… which will make it more difficult for you to stay focused and be distracted the following day.


These are the reason why you loose focus;

  • Low energy
  • Difficult or confusing task
  • Internal distractions (thoughts, worries, etc.)
  • Low motivation
  • Physical factors (hydration, low energy etc.)
  • External distractions (phone, computer, siblings/parents etc.)

Here are the strategies that will help you reduce distractions and increase your ability to focus.

  1. Minimize Internal Distractions: If your mind is racing in 100 different directions as you sit down to work, take a few minute break before you start to write or do everything that’s in your mind so that you can deal with it later, after your work is completed.

Keep a notepad (or a text file) nearby while you’re working, which you can use to record any idea that comes to mind while working, that are not related to the task you’re working on.

  1. Increase the Time Pressure: Reduce the total amount of time you have to do the work, by creating constraints that require you to finish your work at a particular time. For instance, you might decide that you’ll watch TV show that comes on at 9pm, and you were telling yourself that you have to finish your homework before then, if so; divide your work into shorter intervals and give yourself a deadline when you are to finish each task.
  2. Fidget to Help You Focus: When you need to pay attention during a call or in a meeting, bring a small object that you can play with, such as putty. It should be something you can manipulate mindlessly while you listen. “Doing this will actually free up your mental energy so that you can focus a little better,” says Levrini.


  1. Make it Easy to Get Started: Share the task down to something so simple that you’re 100% confident in your ability to complete it successfully. For example start by committing to focus on your work for just 5minute and then give yourself a break. Identify the first page you need to take, in order to make progress with this work, then ignore everything else and just focus on taking this one step.
  2. Visually Map Your Time and Tasks: Share your day by the hour and review it throughout the day, to help you organize your time. This visual cue will help you pace your day and budget your time properly.

Use free hours effectively by ranking your task list visually as well, according to Levrini “ we should assign levels of  work according to each of our tasks”

  1. Estimate External Distractions: Try changing your location to someplace less familiar, where there are fewer potential distractions in the environment, if you’re writing, try putting word in view, if studying in silence is distracting by bringing thought to your mind, try listening to ambient sounds or music that is designed to help you focus.

Generally, releasing excess energy throughout the day will help you stay on task. “The longer you try to focus on something without moving around, your mind will start getting tired. To improve your focus, climb the stairs between tasks, pace while you talk on the phone or simply change your environment throughout the day.

In conclusion, I hope these 6 major strategies will help you stay focus, because every person has trouble of staying focused but some think  that distraction is one constant factor that gets in the way of productivity.

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