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At the beginning of your first year at the university, you are so enthusiastic and happy, but towards the middle of the first semester, you begin to worry, and what do you worry about? You are broke! Ouch, you are worried sick! You begin to wonder, how will I survive? What will I eat? What about materials and assignment? The girls will wonder how they will make their hair. Everyone is wondering how they will survive in school.One of the problems with being a student is that you have almost no money; financially your lot is harder. I sometimes hear people say that students have lots of money simply because they collect money from people. All the same, my case is simple! Let’s learn how to make money on campus as a Nigerian student.

Have you ever wondered how you could make money while studying? Yes! to support yourself. Being a student is one of the most trying times of a young Nigerian because you are earning an income yet you are spending money. I can boldly say this because I am a student and I have experienced this. So if you are a student, and have financial issues, don’t worry we are in this together.

There are many ways to make money on campus, you need to recognize this before you can take a step and earn money.

  1. Online Registration: You will notice that when you get to the campus, there is high demand of registration by students. Everyone wants to pay school fees online, register courses, apply for scholarships, NYSC registration and lots more. What you need to do is get a relatively cheap laptop and internet access, help students with their registration and charge money for your services. This is very lucrative as students always have need for online services.
  2. Photocopying/Printing: This is another business that will bring you income in school. Every student makes use of photocopiers and printers. They either photocopy textbooks, handouts, documents or also print assignments. You can start by getting a photocopying machine and a printer that you can afford and look for a space, maybe in your hostel for a start. You can also typeset assignments and projects for students.
  3. Photography: There is a high demand of photographs and passport photographs in the campus. Students love to take photos to keep as memories. This business is highly profitable in many higher institutions in Nigeria. There are events that are done on campus like matriculation, convocation, inaugural lectures, induction and others. You can use this opportunity to make money out of photography business; all you have to do is buy a small original camera. You can also snap beautiful pictures and sell them on the internet.
  4. Organizing Tutorials: There are courses that some students do not understand, if you are good in that course, you can organize tutorials for these students. You can also organize tutorials for your junior students who are new and might not fully understand a particular course. Another thing is solving and selling of past questions. You can hold tutorials during the weekends or during night class if it is favorable. Remember you are not doing it for free, so you charge a token for your services.
  5. Doing Assignments for Lazy Students: This might sound funny, but believe me there are students who are lazy enough to pay any amount for someone to do their assignments for them. You can take the opportunity to grab cool money while also learning and studying. Make sure to do assignments that are related to your studies so you won’t have to spend much time out of your field to get new materials which is time consuming and can affect your studies.
  6. Laundry Services: Most students love to look nice and tidy, and most of the times they lack the time and the energy to wash their clothes, maybe  because of share laziness or the workload in their studies. You can take advantage of this by washing clothes for them and they will pay you. I know you are probably thinking how you can stoop so low to wash clothes for others. Please don’t feel that way , there is dignity in labor. You can also iron clothes for students. You will see that when you do this for a few students, these students will keep bringing others.
  7. Selling of Recharge Cards: No one can deny the fact that everybody with a phone, even if it is a smaller phone with no internet access needs recharge card. Students use higher percentage of recharge cards on campus they either make calls or subscribe for data. You can make money by buying recharge cards of all networks and retailing them to students. You can take a step further into recharge card printing business which will yield you more profit.
  8. Selling of all Wears: Students have to wear clothes and dress well to keep-up with trends. They need clothes, shoes, handbags, cosmetics, creams and perfumes. If you can buy these materials in bulk at lower rates and sell them to other students, you will certainly make much money from this business than you can ever imagine or think of.
  9. Hairdressing: The last but not the least in this category is making hair for students. It is a known fact that female students cannot do without making good hairs. If you can make hairs of different styles, you will stand the chance of enjoying more money than others do . You will surely earn a whole lot of money because these students are willing to pay to look good.

Before you can successfully start handling a business as a student, you need to carefully plan so that you will not fail. Choose a business wisely, find out the one that will help you make money and at the same time allow you to concentrate on your studies. You can promote your business by pasting notices at strategic points. You can talk to students individually and inform them about your business while encouraging them to bring their friends. With focus and proper management, you will notice that you won’t lack money to meet your daily needs as a student.

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