You hear writing and all you see is a stream of black inked words on a white background. Actually, writing is more to that. There is more to scribbling madly with a pen or striking keypads furiously ; It is really.

1. ECCENTRICITY: No writer understands himself. There are day dreams. He just has to stare into space envisioning the next words he has to spew. Drifts into distant lands of faceless people where birds don’t fly. He just has to bump into things and trip over air. He just has to laugh over the seeming crazy world and cry on the pains he puts his character through. It includes a weird music taste. He just has to have a signature physical look; it could be jaggish finger nails, unruly hair, a weirdo dress sense. For me it is my uncombed Afro, over size T-shirts and hoops earrings. That’s really out of the world right. Just get it right that writers are deeper than the pictures they paint.


2. MOOD DISORDER: I go through that lots of times. Nay! It’s not like mood swings, I would say it’s a variety of that. It is more bipolar a little bit different from personality disorder. It is more emotional than mental. It is having constant low-acute or chronic semi bipolar depression that drives you to things you will later shake your head at. To writers, the mood could come like hyper ecstasy. It threatens to drown the writer; sends him doing invisible cartwheels. Spins his mind round and round. One moment the writer is sad without clues; another moment he is torn in between sadness and happiness; and the next time he jumps to the top of the Eiffel Tower because of over excitement. Pssssh!  The mood disorder of writers have no prevention or cure. Like rain it comes and goes at its own time.

3. LONELINESS: Writers are loners and use the most pseudo and mundane of things for company. Writers are not clubbers or socialites. They take consolation in talking to the figments of their imagination. Letting little bits of it sink into them. Actually, their loneliness is just an escape from the seeming harsh reality that harbors thorns of different sorts.

4. SELFISHNESS: Oh! Yea! Writers are so so selfish. They hoard their books, hoard their moments, hoard their words and even their times from others. It is ridiculous ain’t it?  Fact’s that they want no one to live in the world they have created for themselves. They want no one to drift with the wings they have crafted for themselves or glide in their fluffy clouds. They don’t want to share this diamond moments with anyone. I feel selfishness is one general quality I see in most writers.  The reason for the selfishness is that they never want to share this bliss.

5. INTROVERTS: This is the general syndrome of every writer. Writers have this insatiable urge to be by themselves. They avoid social gatherings with a mild tinge of claustrophobia, they fear they might do something extra-ordinary or weird and be castigated for it. However the introvert streak is a spell that actualizes their creative moments. Creative moments that spurt fountains of figurative ideas.

6. PHILOSOPHY: All writers are guided by unique set of beliefs that guide their daily activities. They stick to it religiously and practice it like a ritual.  It is from the most agnostic, atheistic, theistic, and deistic. Some might say ‘’the universe is cosmos’’. Others say ‘’ I believe there is no God’’. The rest could say ‘’ hell ya there is a God’’. ‘’oh no I can’t wait to be 90’’. It is simply the writer’s peculiarity, his own unique feature that stands him out from the rest. Once this special ingredient goes obsolete the writer is just a bland tepid lukewarm tea that can neither be swallowed or spat out.

7. CONTROVERSY: I believe that some intrusion of controversy to normalcy is ideal for living. I mean the world would be a boring place without controversy. It would be so monotonous and linear. I would love to see any writer who isn’t ready to argue hoggishly against what you perceive to be right and normal. Whilst some are outspoken and take the slightest opportunity to rant it out, others are just the silent observers, with their hearts wrench with pain why nobody ever stops to right that wrong or fix that thing they view as poisonous to humanity. For instance, people say; Homosexuality is not bad, Homophobia is just really cool, voting in African countries is as fruitless as making a cock lay eggs. You really haven’t had the most dragging argument of your life yet, Honey! Wait until you do that with a writer. Taking those argument is like preparing for the Boer trek. You need all the strength, patience and grace to do that with a rugged writer.

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  8. INFLUENCE: No writer is an island. He must have been influenced by other writers whom he tries to emulate. Not necessarily writers, it could be legends whom he dreams to follow their steps or people who have occupied strongly a great part of their mind. For the influence, the writers love to express themselves like their role models which unavoidably shows in their works. Apart from role models the political environment, social environment, cultural background, educational background, religious beliefs and the search for identity, out-rightly influences writers.

Writers are immortal people that live on even after they die. They are permanent and indelible. They are a great part of history. Words rule the world and so do writers. These characteristics are the predominant traits you will see in every writer. Writers are demi-gods that are created to create. They create a world which has never been colonized and which has never been conquered. A world which takes one away from the cruel realities of everyday life. A world where everything can be fixed with just a tear drop, laughter bursts or a spark of anger.

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Ekycentric is my name. I love messy beds and writing over a plate of beans. I enjoy traveling and randomly clicking at landscape pictures. when I am not writing I am grooming my Afro hair or thinking about the crazy way the world spins.

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