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The bitter fact remains that there are likely to be thousands of people out there who are into same business as you, so your clients has got a lot of other options besides you. The only way they can stay true and always come back is, if they are happy with your business and to keep them happy could proof a little bit tricky. You need do much more than your competitors are doing.  As the saying goes “no one would buy a bad product twice,” it can also be said that no one would patronize an unsatisfactory business twice. You need to create a strong business strategy that would always have your clients coming back. Here are some few tips you can use to keep your clients glued to your business.

Show sincere concern and stay in touch: Ask about their well-being. If they share their problems or challenges with you, show genuine concern and suggest solutions to them, if you have an idea about any. If he or she is bereaved, be kind enough to send condolences. Call once in a while to check up on them. This would build a stronger bond between both of you. Your clients would feel secure patronizing you, knowing that you wish them well. There are various ways to keep in touch with you clients: phone calls, emails, social media etc. Send them nice wishes on new months, new-year, birthdays and other religious celebrations.

Build good relationship with them: Build a great relationship that’s so strong and emotional in such a way that they will begin to see you as family. For instance you can invite them to your special occasion. You can also give them special treatment on their special occasions such as wedding and birthdays.

Be bold enough to own up your mistakes: You’re human, so you’re likely to make mistakes even when dealing with your clients. Your clients understand this, but you’ll only turn them off when you try to deny responsibility for your mistakes. Admit your mistakes, apologize and try as much as possible to fix them with a promise to ensure that such are not repeated again.

Communicate in your client’s language: It’s ok if you do not understand the language of your clients, but if you do, communicate with them in their language. If you are a stranger in your business environment, you can employ workers who are indigenes. What this does is that it builds a close rapport between you and your clients. Not all your clients would be fluent in English and knowing that you understand their language helps them express themselves well and in a language they are conversant with.

Reward loyal clients: It always create goodwill to reward clients for their loyalty. Create a special offer to your loyalist. During festive periods you can give out gifts or cards thanking them for their continuous patronage. Have it at the back of your mind that clients desire being rewarded for their loyalty.

Go beyond the traditional: To keep your clients, you need to offer what other competitors aren’t offering, surprise them by going extra miles and doing the uncommon. Give them a unique service that they can’t get anywhere else and watch them running back to you. Create a beautiful experience that would create a nice impression in their minds about your business.

Pay attention to them: Pay attention to your clients complains, demands, requests. You can encourage feedback by sending them survey regarding your products and services they received.

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