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7 Amazing Social Media Hacks That You Can Try Right Now

#3 Can Get You So Much Twitter Followers In Minutes

Are you looking for some amazing social media hacks, tips and techniques? Let’s get started right now.

#1: Get Around the 140-Character Limit on Twitter

As you already know, a Tweet is limited to 140 characters only, but this hack will let you run long almost infinitely. First, make a tweet, then reply to your own tweet! You can do this from your own stream. There’s no need to leave the @mention of yourself in there. Remove it so you don’t look like you’re talking to yourself. Now, visitors who see the first tweet (or either of them) in your stream can see the full length of the super-long tweet by clicking the ‘View Conversation’ link.

#2: See Restricted LinkedIn Profile Search Results

There are some profiles on LinkedIn that are restricted based on your membership level? But because the majority of profiles are indexed on Google, you can use the search engine to do a more comprehensive search.

For example, if you find that you can’t access the full profile information of someone on LinkedIn, go to Google and type: “name of person”

#3: Extend Your Professional Network

I love Twitter chats. You can be at the office, your home, or on-the-go, and as long as you’re connected, you can be plugged into a discussion with people you want to build a rapport with.

Each week I attend a variety of Twitter chats and I host one too. I meet entrepreneurs, social media marketers and managers, as well as owners of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Twitter chats are typically once a week and run for an hour and revolve around a hashtag with a topic or theme. Check out these great chats I recommend for the social media marketing community:

  • #SocialChat – Mondays 9pm ET
  • #BlogElevated – Mondays 10pm ET
  • #BufferChat – Wednesdays 12pm ET
  • #SproutChat – Wednesdays 3pm ET
  • #TwitterSmarter (my chat) – Thursdays 1pm ET
  • #ViralChat – Thursdays 9pm ET
  • #MediaChat – Thursdays 10pm ET

By attending chats regularly, you’ll become an integral part of a tribe. You’ll be amazed at the new connections you’ll make every week.


#4: Jumpstart LinkedIn Follower Growth

Like many social media marketers, I’ve created a large number of blog posts over the years. I’ve started reposting the evergreen content onto LinkedIn every day, using new, keyword-optimized titles.

Some days, the posts barely get noticed, but other days they’re picked up by LinkedIn or popular forums and garner thousands of readers. But every day without fail, my number of LinkedIn followers grows.

#5: Include GIFs in Tweets

GIFs are short video loops that can add a lot of character and humor into your social media marketing, and now Twitter has a library full of them for you to access without leaving the platform.

You can add GIFs to public tweets or direct messages on desktop or from your mobile device on Twitter, by clicking on the GIF button. You should really try GIFs cause this hack works wonders.


#6: Leverage Influencer Opportunities

I’m all for influencer strategies, but most companies we work with are not strategic about them. To solve this issue, here’s a little strategy to employ.

First, make a list of the audiences you’re targeting and then identify the top 10 places each audience is hanging out, which includes a list of bloggers, influencers, associations, and media sites. The referral traffic reports in Google Analytics are a good place to start. Now, use tools such as BuzzSumo to qualify your list, and be sure to survey your customers for their input as well.

Finally, list each site down the left-hand side of the page. To the right, you’re going to list one of these options:

  • Do Nothing: Do nothing is self explanatory. You don’t see any value here.
  • Look to Partner: Reach out to these organizations to partner on what Andrew Davis calls “brandscaping” efforts; joint research projects, ebooks, whitepapers, etc.
  • Look to Purchase: This is where you feel there is an opportunity to buy the rights to the site. Most bloggers are really good at creating content and building subscribers, but not very good at monetizing that content.

#7: Boost Reach and Engagement on Facebook

There’s so much noise and saturation on Facebook that adding more content no longer seems to be the answer. Instead, posting only the best content that is highly targeted for your audience will produce better results. And posting less frequently seems to encourage the Facebook algorithm to share your content with more people.

In the last 6 months, I’ve found that posting only the best content less frequently has significantly improved results on my Facebook page and the pages of many of my clients.

On average, my reach has more than tripled and my engagement is up significantly on almost every single post.

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