6 ways to improve customer loyalty for e-commerce enterprise

Competing businesses in the world of e-commerce are only a few mouse clicks away. As a result, consumers can easily compare products and prices with minimal investment of time or effort. Ecommerce stores showing more and more interest in understanding the core principles of customer loyalty in the online space. The key point here is the more products customers buy from you e-store, the stronger their loyalty becomes. That’s why building loyalty to resell to previous customers opposite to acquiring new ones is a huge benefit because it usually costs less time and investment. This reason is good enough to dedicate more efforts focusing on building loyalty of current customers.

Let’s find out how to make your current customers buy more often by implementing the following six strategies.

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Reward Your Customers
Focusing your efforts on your current customers as oppose to always trying to find new customers can be a powerful way to supercharge revenues for your e-shop, especially during the holiday season. Discounting can be effective tool for bringing back customers that haven’t purchased in a while. You may offer customers credits to use at your website, for example, 5 dollars towards any purchase or percentage discount, for instance, 5% off any product. The credits make the offer feel more tangible and make the customer feel like they need to spend it, otherwise they are losing something valuable.

Implement a Loyalty Program
The further developing on the idea of customer loyalty, is to develop a membership. Developing a loyalty membership to your website is a great way to increase conversions from the current customers plus rewarding them for their repeat buying. Loyalty program can be as simple as rewarding customers on their fifth purchase or after a buyer spent some significant amount of money on your website.

Improve E-mails
E-mail has proven itself to be one of the top converting channels for ecommerce. If you know have a product that is popular or otherwise not selling or needs to be refreshed, knowing your products life cycle and sending well-timed emails can be the perfect and very logical way to bring back customers. This plan can be effective because it means that you will be delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

Connect on Social Media
People who have chosen to like your company in social networks tend to follow your brand and products for a reason. It means you should be consistent in creating content often enough to regularly reach all of your followers and customers. 1-2 times per day is a good number of interaction with customers, however, you should also pay attention to the rate of your channel engagement and customize your posts to your audience.

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Improve Your Content
Many businesses avoid inbound marketing because creating a blog or a series of infographics means additional efforts on a daily basis. A community can be one of the most successful tools for your e-store as users will be engaged to contribute their experiences and ideas that motivate others to buy from your shop. If you are limited in resources to hire a community manager, try at least to make your existent content comprehensive and highly visual, so this will increase the customer motivation to visit to your website again.

Provide Better Support
Great customer support should always be available, so it is vital to sustain a dependable multichannel customer management system that effectively leverages e-mail, social, and call center channels based on the complexity of customer requests. For instance, many brands now do the majority of their customer resolution work through their social media channels with only complex technical issues forwarded to the call center agents to speed up the customer support. For ecommerce shops, it is useful to create a knowledge base, or a Q&A section that address the issues customers may have. It helps decrease the amount of tickets you receive, and increases the amount of happy customers, as they now have the option to solve small difficulties on their own.

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Remember, that it costs a company more efforts to get new customers than it does to upsell to the existing one that is why it is better to focus your efforts on keeping your customers coming back to your store by increasing their loyalty.

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