It’s a known fact that no one can survive without communication, “Man cannot not communicate”. No relationship, whether it is husband and wife, parents and children, business and its publics can survive without the lines of communication being open. As a business owner, you need to learn how to communicate with your clients, customers and employees.

Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place to another and one person to another. It is the act of conveying intended meanings from one person to another in a manner the receiver will understand. Your message will have to be understood by the receiver without which, the essence of communication would be lost.

Communication is a tool used in everyday life, whether it is personal or interpersonal. So in the business community, effective communication is very important. For the daily running of a business, effective communication is very important and vital.

The following points will help you understand how important communication is to your business.

  1. Effective Communication Builds and Maintains Relationships: You know that typical setting of a man and his wife who lacks communication in their relationship; lots of misunderstanding and mistrust between them. That is the same thing that happens in a business organization that does not have proper communication values. When there is no communication between a company with its staff and clients, a good working environment cannot be built among them. Without communication, the relationship cannot be maintained and sustained.
  2. It Enhances Innovation: Don’t be surprised that am using the relationship between a man and his wife as a premise of comparison, am using it because it is a typical example of how communication functions. When a man and his wife have a good communication in their relationship, there will be room for new ideas from both parties on how they can develop and make their relationship work better. When employees and even clients feel comfortable to voice their ideas, there will be innovation which will give birth to inventions that can take the company to a new level. When the line of communication is open, a client will be able to give feedback whether the services he or she is receiving from the company is good or not. This will help the company know what their clients want and then work harder to improve.
  3. It Facilitates Unity in the Business: Can you imagine how it will be if you wake up one morning and take decisions without informing your spouse, she does the same thing and likewise the children, how do you think that relationship will be? There will be no unity! In a business enterprise, lack of communication will bring disunity because the people involved do not work hand in hand for the good of the company, and when there is no unity the company is bound to fall.
  4. It Fosters Growth of the Company: when you give your child the chance to make useful suggestions, there is a greater possibility that the family will grow. A business is just like a larger family. It is the same in a business that there is free flow of communication. This works out because the staff are given the opportunity of bringing ideas and suggestions that will help the company grow.
  5. Better Communication with the Clients: This means increase in sales. When a company allows the free flow of communication with its clients, they will feel important. The company’s products and services are not meant for the company to use, they are for the public. If one customer is treated well, there is every possibility that client will boost the company’s image with testimonies and will bring more customers.
  6. Communication Helps the Company’s Popularity: look at it this way, a company does not advertise, it does not tell the public what it does, what it offers, discounts, products and services; how will people get to know about the company? How will they know such company exists? Advertisement is communication. Well! If there is no communication, the company will remain hidden from the rest of the world, and will not be patronized by anybody.

In a nutshell, effective communication in any business can be a turning point for the said business. A company should be able to clearly send messages across to its employees, clients and everyone involved in the business either directly or indirectly. If a company does not communicate effectively, the business will die in silence.



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