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5 Ways To Make Money and Make A Fortune With Web Design (In Nigeria Particularly)

As a Web Developer, whether working as a freelance developer or working for an IT Company, your creativity and skill sets you on the path for more money, most people wonder how someone (developer) who sits on the computer with a straight pale face, a cup of coffee or a bottle of coke on one side of the table for several hours gets to make money still pressing the computer and sitting for hours. Well, the world of the internet holds unlimited opportunities for those with web development skills or online marketing skills. Do you want to know how you make three to six income figures working as a web developer? If yes, then follow me through this post, I’ll show you five possible and reliable ways/sources you can make enough money to maintain yourself and live a “financially free” life.

Basically, this post will be talking about how to make money on the internet using web design/development skills, I know there are several other ways people make money online, but excuse me for this post, we will concentrate only on web development approach to making money on the internet. By the time you are done reading this post and you understand and take action on any three ways I show you here, there is no doubt that six months after you adopted any of the ways here, you will make good money, I mean GOOD MONEY. If you are a Nigerian, it’s even better because I can guide you more and show you more ways to make money and earn a worthwhile life from the ever abundant internet. Now let’s get to the business of the day.

What is the minimum or maximum a Web Developer can make online?

This question has kept some wondering on whether to be trained and train themselves to become Web Developers, well, I am glad to announce to you that web development has no specified ‘salary’ figure, there are factors that determine how much a web developer earns, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. As a freelance web developer, you have to sell your skills and past work to enable you to qualify for jobs, don’t worry, if you have never undertaken a job before and you have good development skills, I can help you out, contact me via email if you happen to fall in such category. Going on to register on well known freelance websites such as Freelancer, iFreelance, and UpWork gives you an edge for jobs, making payment for featured listings gives you even a better edge to getting several jobs on your table. To a large extent, your skill set, speed and creativity determine what comes into your bank account, a web developer with intermediate skills can be making an average of 200,000 naira ($500 approx. at the time of this post) as monthly income from development jobs.

As a developer working for an IT company, your skill set distinguishes you from your colleagues, this means constant self build-up is inevitable if you wish to see yourself making a life fortune from web development, your commitment and speed in delivering tasks assigned to you places you on a promotion list, if at all such company wishes to train their staff so they can get a cabinet of more highly trained staff, a developer with the aforementioned qualities cannot miss out of the trainees list. It is vital you keep a good relationship with your colleagues and your boss, that is how you will grow from one salary scale to next salary scale in no time. When our company strikes contract deals and you become a resource person in handling the task/contract to get it delivered, you are such of other mouth-watering benefits asides your basic salary. You can also build websites that you manage that will bring in more money for you as you are working, this is vital in the sense that your investment will grow faster, or you won’t have to spend the bulk of your basic salary on feeding, transportation, hospital bills and other bills.

5 Ways To Make Money and Make A Fortune With Web Design In Nigeria

  1. Make Money By Referring Your Website Visitors to Good Products and Services:

    Yes, you can place your referral links right in-between, on your website, when you recommend products to website visitors, make sure you place your referral code, so many people disregard referral systems, but a lot of money can be made just from referring, gone are the days referrers got only a “Thank You” from companies they referred people to, you can earn up to 2,500 naira for referring one person, this means if two people from your website subscribe to any of those products, you have nothing less than 5,000 naira per day, imagine with a traffic of 2k page views per day, or 5k page views per day, you will definitely have more than two visitors subscribing to any of your products/service (this could be domain name registration or hosting services with your referral link), you will realize that you make more than 10,000 naira per day for referring visitors to great products and services. One thing I have to warn you about, don’t refer people to sub-standard products or services you have not tried before, you might end up losing the trust of your website visitors, I’ll advise you only recommend products and services tested and approved by you, that’s how people you refer will see that they have value for the subscription they are making and will still follow and subscribe for the next product or service they find on your website.

  2. Make Money By Building Affiliate Websites

    Affiliate sales/marketing is an area where so many are still blind to affiliate websites . Affiliate marketing are simply websites that are built to contain products from eCommerce websites, that means the products shown on the website are not sold by the website owner, the products are sold by an eCommerce website, the website where you pick some products to showcase on your website pays you commission each time a visitor comes from your website and purchases a product or pays for a service. There are hundreds and thousands of affiliate websites, this doesn’t mean you should be scared or discouraged from venturing into affiliate marketing because the internet has an endless reach, there are over 6 billion internet users, I bet you the market still has room for new intakes. You can brace up and start an affiliate website today, you do not bother about the payment process or how the product gets delivered, all you do is advertise the product (especially digital products) on your website to make successful purchases and you’ll be smiling and watching your income rise every day. Don’t be deceived, you have to make a good input in terms of marketing (on social media and possibly employing some SEO strategies) the products you pick in order to make good sales and earn some worthwhile commission(s).

  3. Make Money By Through Blogging

    I won’t waste time because much has been written about blogging to make money on the internet. I know some still doubt the fact that blogging brings good money, in fact, most bloggers have no jobs, they are self-employed, I mean they blog for a living. When you check out those with good traffic/content, they cannot be compared with those employed in government jobs, self-employment with good returns is by far a better option for living a “financially free” and happy life, this is because you make the rules and you can still spare time for family, holidays and recreation. Are you good at writing, do you look at your environment and find interesting things? Can you analyze and bring well-composed resolutions? Do you read news frequently? Do you want to work from home and have the convenience of creating your rules? Then blogging is a good area you can venture into. I know there are tons of blogs right now, taking only Nigeria, there is nothing less than 20,000 blogs and bloggers, but as I earlier said, this should not make you relent on what you know you can do best, there is a population of over 6 billion internet users, you can blog about catering if you are good in catering, you can blog about makeup if you are a makeup artist or know much about makeup, you can blog  about dogs if you are excited about dogs or animals, you can blog about the ‘almighty’ sports – so much regarded in this part of the world, I bet you, if you learn fast and commit some good time to what you are doing, you will be banking 6 figure income every month. I can help you get started, just drop a comment.

  4. Make Money Building Web Applications/Websites For Sale

    Haha.. I know someone would laugh at this one, you might say, “after all, what the hell was I initially doing…”, not exactly how you think sire/ma’am, what I am trying to say here is to build websites/web applications without anyone having to demand  it first. Through my internet journey, I realized there are several companies that concentrate on individual day to day activities and organisational procedures, they draw out the manual nature of work, design a database for it and build web applications/websites that automate this manual processes, examples of such websites are,, and and host products built by developers just like you, they build these templates, websites and web applications after they have seen a need to automate some sought of manual process or to fill a gap in how people work day to day, you can think and be among these trend. Recently, I purchased an HTML five theme to carry out a job for a client, after going through the demo, I felt the theme is the perfect fit for the kind of job I want to carry out, when I had purchased the theme, my eyes got hold of the place where the number of sales is shown, it was unbelievable, this guy (creator of the theme I purchased) had made more than 3,500 sales, this theme was $18, you can do the Maths, he had already made a whopping sum of $63,000 (that’s about 25,200,000 naira approx, as at the time of this post) within 6 months of posting the theme online for sale. You can make your fortune via this medium, build scripts, themes and websites that solve people’s problems and put them online for sale, you will definitely make a lot of money if you follow the right process.

  5. Make Money By Joining Web Development Networks

    By joining pools of developer networks such as Stackoverflow, AskUbuntu, and several others, online forums such as Reddit and Nairaland are large communities you can take advantage of when you dive into the programming section, on the one hand, you can either create a topic based on your skills and what you can deliver, take note of the keywords you use, as the topic/title you create will get the audience you want from your topic title and tags. On the other hand, you can go their to see people who create topics or post looking for developers who can create, update , innovate and build systems based on the requests they make, you will definitely find requests that suite your skill set, know that when you want to earn good income on the internet, this should not be a struggle for you going to this platforms and getting what you need. The internet is a work force like none on earth, your part can be played by another person who is up and doing if you relent, but if you are dogged, you will always make good income as a developer on the internet, income that will not only pay for your bills and feed you but those around you too. Several people have started their own online companies via approaches like these, when they take on a project for one client, the client is happy with the work, they go on the next, the next client is happy about the delivery too and then they build a large list of clients/customers with jobs that they have to get more hands and definitely they make far more money as time goes on. I recommend this approach for any developer who wants to work from home and take on a project at a time, build your client list and grow bigger as time goes on.


In conclusion, I hope you find this post useful and helpful, let me know your thoughts via the comments section, in case you have interest in making a step towards any of the above mentioned ways and you need some technical assistance, you can reach me by dropping a comment and I’ll kick off from there.

Happy making money on the internet fellas!

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