5 Ways to Make Money With your Smartphone in Nigeria

In this contemporary age where technology tends to bring everything at your doorpost, money serves as a basic instrument in achieving a lot of goals. One is no longer limited to any building as a working environment because having internet access creates diverse and border- less opportunities that one can even have what he wants using his smartphone in the comfort of his home.
You don’t like to think about it, but between the up-front cost and the monthly contract payments, your phone costs you a fair bit of money. What you might not realise is that it can fetch you money too.

In this article, I’ll list out five(5) ways one can get money using a smartphone.

5 Ways How You Can Make Money With Your Smartphone in Nigeria.

  1. Selling Your Photos:

    You can easily earn money when you start selling your photos online by using mobile apps and websites like Fotolia, Alamy, ShutterShock, FreeDigitalPhotos., and Bigstock. Simply take pictures with your smartphone’s camera and your favourite photo app, and then add them to your favourite photo selling app. Just about any kind of image can sell if a company thinks it will work for it. That means that cute pet picture, vacation photos, even photos of food if you have those. There are no content limits, and you can earn up to $5 for each photo or even more.

  2. Taking on Micro Jobs:

    Equally, you can earn money by doing tiny tasks/micro jobs and earn huge payoffs. If you don’t mind getting out and about, you can take small jobs around your city. These are things like verifying that a display stand has been put up in a store, or the arrangements of products on a shelf. If you don’t like to travel, some tasks can even be done from your living room. You can start with the Field Agent app (Android, Apple; Free) by creating a profile. Then do a few fast “screener” jobs that open up certain types of work. It could be taking pictures of your pet or the kind of beer you drink. Micro job platforms like Fiverr are huge in terms of getting professionals or just any freelancer looking for extra income coming to post their gigs, some even take such platforms as their full-time job. You can leverage on that and create gigs of micro jobs you can deliver right from your room, you can make $5, $10 or even $150 from these micro jobs, I recommend you should consider taking on micro jobs if you have some spare time and have some computer, content creation, graphic or any kind of skill, you can earn real income or extra income if you already have a job.
    Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to take real jobs.

  3. Cash Back:

    It is interesting to know that one can get cash back for shopping. Since shopping is a necessity, why not get some money back on products you’ve purchased? Apps like “Ibotta” (Android, Apple; Free) give you instant rebates on items you buy. It can be used on online stores like Amazon and other retailers’ online shops. It can be used on top of other coupons, promo codes and discounts for extra savings. Since the service is free, you have nothing to loose.

  4. Get Reimbursed Using Expensify:

    Expenses are a big deal for business travelers or for freelance and contract workers. Sometimes you spend your money hoping that your company or the client is going to pay you back. If your paperwork isn’t ship-shape, you could end up losing big. You need a foolproof and easy way to prove to the company or client that you actually spent the money, and that’s usually a receipt so as to get your expenses reimbursed. But who wants to collect and carry around a stack of receipts? You could use the Expensify app (Android, Apple, Windows Phone; Free) which automatically creates reports right from the photo of a receipt. You can track the hours you worked with a tap, and it also tracks mileage using GPS or with a picture of the car’s odometer. Expensify will link up with your bank account or credit card to pull transactions that don’t have a receipt. It can even generate IRS-guaranteed eReceipts. Finally, it’s compatible with major accounting software for easy report submission, or you can create a PDF to submit.

  5. Reviews, Taking Surveys and Sharing Personal Opinions:

    Using your phone to give your opinion on different subject matters can also earn you money. Whether it’s a product, brand, movie, TV show, government policy or something else, I’m sure you have an opinion on something and you can get rewarded for sharing that opinion.
    You can create a profile on market-research companies “ Ipsos” which operates a service called i-Say. After you sign up, it will send you surveys about a wide range of topics. The average user gets about eight surveys per month.
    You can sign up to get email notifications, or you can occasionally check the website. To access and fill out surveys, you can log into the i-Say site on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Every complete survey gives you reward points you can use to exchange for gift cards or products at major retailers. Plus, every survey you finish gets you an entry into a drawing for prizes like overseas vacations, TVs, iPads, gift cards and more.

Now you know. I bet you’ve spent and maybe still spending lots running into thousands of naira in keeping your smartphone up and doing. From buying and subscribing to internet data, recharge cards and keeping the phone attractive not forgetting the fragile nature of smartphones, I do hope that we’ve now been educated on ways and means by which we can get money and loads of it if we really understand and use this processes well. Good luck adding some good figures to your bank account using your ‘precious’ smartphone.

I’ll love to read your opinions, contributions and views, do drop a comment. Also remember to share this knowledge with friends, family and colleagues on social media, just share the post. Thank you for taking out from your time to read through this post.

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