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Religious sayings have it that money is the root of all evil but being broke ain’t holiness either. The world today is all about money! Money! Money! But despite its relative evilness,  Money sure makes a man’s world rock.

Here are crazy facts you need to know about money.

  1. Paper money is not made from paper, as crazy as it might sound. Paper money is made from cotton.
  2. The idea for the first ATM machine was conceived in the bathroom in 1960 by John-Shepherd Barron.
  3. Paper Money takes about 18 months for it to weigh out.
  4. Do you know that the word’’ money’’ is derived from the Roman word ‘’Monet’’. This is because the early Romans made their coins in the temple of Juno Monet, the goddess of marriage and women.
  5. The word ‘’bankrupt’’ is from the Italian word bancan rot ta, literally meaning broken bench. In the years of early banking people exchanged, stored and let money in the public market place and if the man at the bench or the banker ran out of money or was unfair, his bench would be broken.
  6. There are more than 1.6 million ATM’s in the world.
  7. There is an ATM’s in Antarctic.
  8. Friday is the day where money is mostly withdrawn at the ATM.
  9. Icelanders use credit cards and debit cards more than any other country in the world.
  10. The ancient Chinese cut out the hearts of anyone caught faking the emperor’s paper currency.
  11. England holds the record for executing counterfeiters.
  12. In 1817 Britain hanged 313 people for faking counterfeit bank notes.
  13. The earliest recording money forgery was in 540 BC when Poly crates of Samoa used fake gold coins to pay a debt he owed to Sparta.

Governments can get money in three ways.

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By printing

By borrowing

By collecting taxes from citizens

14. Governments will sometimes infuse money into an enemy country’s currency to wreck their financial system. Germany did it to England in WW2 and the Americans did it to the Japanese.

15. The early Romans used salt as a form of money.

16. The word salary comes from ‘’Sal’’ which means ‘’salt’’ in Latin.

17. We say ‘’pay through the nose’’ without a clue about its origin. Do you know that the phrase has a rather dark history. The phrase ‘’to pay through the nose’’ has its roots from Danes in Ireland. In the past the Danes would slit the noses of the Irish who would not pay a Danish poll tax.

18.The country with the worst inflation in the world is Zimbabwe. In 2008, it experienced 6.5 sextillion percent inflation.


19. The amount of germs on paper money is enough to infect you and make you sick for a year.

20. If someone had 10 billion one dollar notes and spent one every second of the day. It would take 317 years to spend it all.

21. The Chinese invented paper money in the 9th century and called it flying money because bit was light and could easily be blown away in the wind.

22. The first time paper money was consistently used, was by the French in the 18th

23. There are over 170 different currencies being used in the world today.

24. Therapists have it that if a man’s wife or long-term girlfriend makes more money than he does, he is more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and anxiety. He is more likely to turn to infidelity in an attempt to recapture his masculinity. This information comes shortly after a report that states 40% of women now make more money than their male counterparts.

25. Money problem can contribute to impotency.

26. Credit cards were first used in the 1920s and hotels were the first to offer cards to their customers, to pay for their hotel stays

Walter Cavanagh of California is known as Mr plastic fantastic. He has more than 13,000 credit cards, the largest collections in the world. He keeps his cards in the world’s largest wallet, that is 250 feet long.

27. Queen Elizabeth II holds the record for appearing on more currency than any person alive or dead. Her portrait has appeared on the currency of more than 30 different countries.

28. Arguing about money is the major predictor and reason for the increase in divorce rates.

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Money has become the major solution and a major problem for many happenings in the world today but the secret lies in making money your slave and not you being its slave. Be the driver and controller of all the money that will ever come into your life.

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