I probably wonder how life today would be without the internet. Damn! I am counting the blessings of the World Wide Web, internet, and social media. The internet has made life interesting and fun filled; connected us to people and places we will never meet, go, or know. By the way, I cooked up 30 amusing facts about the internet. I think you should know.

  1. Approximately 3.2 billion people use the internet. Out of this, 1.7 billion of internet users are Asians. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 200 billion emails and 3 billion Google search would have to wait if the internet goes down for a day.
  2. Do you know that the arrow in the AMAZON logo signifies that you can get anything from A to Z.
  3. The first Youtube video ‘’Me at zoo’’ was uploaded by Jawed Karim on Saturday,April 23,2005 at 8:27pm.
  4. Do you know the first tweet was done on 21st march, 2006 by Jack Dorsey.
  5. The world’s first website is still functioning well. It does not come close to being glamorous because it only has the presence of texts and hyperlinks. It is still running impressively.
  6. Roughly 1.7 trillion pounds worth of funds is spent online. If you ever counted the hours you were online, you would definitely freak out. The hours if converted to cash would solve your problem for a lifetime.
  7. Do you know that the internet and World Wide Web do not mean the same thing. The internet is a network of computers, while the World Wide Web is a bridge for accessing and sharing information across it.
  8. The inventor of the modern World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.
  9. Have you ever wondered on what was the first image uploaded by the inventor of the modern World Wide Web. It was a joke band of women from the nuclear research lab CERN.
  10. Ever heard of the internet of things? Well, check up on that. It is estimated that about 40 billion gadgets will be connected to the internet by 2020.
  11. Online dating might look stupid to you, but you will wow when you hear the amount of revenue it is generating. According to the latest statistic, online dating generates approximately $1 billion dollars every year.
  12. Do you know that South Korea and Japan are the only countries with the best internet right now. According to Akamai, the average bandwidth speed in these locations is 22Mbps. In comparison, the average internet speed in the U.S.A is 8.4Mbps.
  13. Nearly half of the world’s population is on facebook.
  14. The most commonly searched question beginning with ‘WHAT IS’ in 2013 was ‘WHAT IS TWERKING’.
  15. The first email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson to himself. He doesn’t remember what he said.
  16. The first registered domain was
  17. The world record for the fastest texter is held by a Brazillian Teenager.
  18. The world record for the fastest time to log in to Gmail is 1.16 seconds.
  19. It took the internet 5 years to reach a market audience of 50 million users.
  20. More time is spent browsing the web on mobile devices than on Desktop computers.
  21. The term ‘surfing’ the internet was coined in 1992 by an upstate New York librarian Jean Armour Polly.
  22. Mark Zuckerberg’s original facebook profile ID is 4
  23. Twitter has 250 million users.
  24. Do you know that more than one million babies have been born from online dating.
  25. The first spam email was sent in 1978 over ARPNET by a guy named Gary Thuerk. He was selling computers.
  26. The are over 1,700 tweets sent every second.
  27. The first ever webcab was deployed at Cambridge University computer lab. It was used to watch a pot of coffee.
  28. It is estimated that 80% of images in the internet are pictures of naked women.
  29. About 250 billion emails are sent everyday.
  30. There’s an estimated 637 websites, of which there are over 250 million blogs.


So the next time you’re thinking about the internet, your special thanks should go to Tim Berners-Lee. And don’t ever think that you know so much about the internet when it is just a pinch that you know about. True! The internet has many many many amusing facts and stories behind it.

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