eing It has been said that a nation, organization, or even a relationship is bound to crumble if it is not under a good leadership. Yes! This is very true because a leader is the backbone of any organization or group.

In the society today, everyone clamor to become a leader but few of them really understand the concept of true leadership. Here are some facts you need to know about being a leader.

  1. A leader is a person that holds a dominant or superior position within a field and is able to exercise a high degree of control or influence over others.
  2. A leader is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal.
  3. The word “lead” comes from two origins; one describes a metal which may have come ultimately from an Indo-European source meaning “flow”. The other traces it back to prehistoric West and North Germanic Laithjan which was derived from Laithe meaning way or journey. Etymologically then, lead means “cause to go along ones way”.
  4. The word “leader” goes as far back into the 1940s when the idea of being first place came about.
  5. Survey shows that 91 percent of people want to be leaders.
  6. A leader should have the ability to focus and avoid distractions.
  7. A leader has confidence and instills same on his followers. A leader should have swags.
  8. A leader should be transparent in every action taken by him so that there will be trust between him and his followers.
  9. Integrity should be the watchword of every leader.
  10. A leader should be able to inspire and motivate his followers as well as himself.
  11. A leader is an individual that has passion for the group he is leading.
  12. A leader leads by example not by cohesion or force.
  13. The word innovation and a leader are twins, they just can’t be separated. A leader should be filled with new ideas and also welcome new ideas from his followers.
  14. A leader should be someone who is very patient in dealing with his followers.
  15. The information a leader gives to his followers should be authentic, there should not be any trace of falsehood or fake elements.
  16. Have you heard of the word open-mindedness? Leaders have to keep an open mind while also being flexible.
  17. Being decisive is another quality of a leader. This means that a leader must be able to think and make decisions at the right time.
  18. A true leader always stays positive in all circumstances. Whether good or bad. He also helps his followers to stay focus and have the right spirit.
  19. A leader is always generous by giving the best of himself and time to the people he is leading.
  20. Perseverance and persistence makes a true leader.
  21. It takes a true leader to be insightful, which is to be able to separate what is really important from what is not important.
  22. A leader communicates and gives room for the free flow of communication with his followers.
  23. Being accountable for ones actions and taking responsibility to make it right is a true leader’s quality.
  24. A leader without humility is like a trailer without a break, it is bound to crash.
  25. A leader delegates duties to empower his followers.
  26. A committed leader will surely be a successful one.
  27. A leader encourages his followers rather than discouraging them and dampening their mood when they falter.
  28. A true leader sees himself as a servant not a dictator.

Having known these facts about how a leader should be, why don’t you stand for the right and be a true leader to your followers. Any place of leadership you may find yourself, whether it is in your country, your business or an organization, as a class representative, apply this facts or I would say principles and you will move many steps up the ladder.

Being a leader is more than cooking beans, for you to have delicious meal, you have to apply some ingredients and condiments to make it have a good taste, after all people use to say that “beta soup na money kill am”. That is how being a leader should be. You have to apply all the necessary principles to make your leadership work.


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